Dead By Daylight Chapter 23: Release Date, Sadako Killer, and Everything We Know

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Update: Dead By Daylight Chapter 23 is coming to the PTB Today. We're updating this page as we speak with the latest information.

Dead By Daylight Chapter 22 is now in full flow, but Chapter 23 is already on the minds of fans after a series of leaks in 2021. So what's coming in 2022? For the sake of keeping everything tidy and in one place, we'll be updating this page with everything we know about Dead by Daylight Chapter 23, including all the leaks, rumours, and official news as we get it. But what do we know so far?

Latest News

15 February 2022 -

Behaviour Interactive has at long last confirmed several details for the games next upcoming Chapter. Dead by Daylight Chapter 23, known as Sadako Rising releases on March 8 and is inspired by Kōji Suzuki’s novel Ringu and the original film adaptation. The new chapter is set to land on the game's PTB (Public Test Built) later today, giving us our first proper look at some all new gameplay for the new killer Sadako and new survivor Yoichi Asakawa. For now, take a look at the reveal trailer, just below:

14 February 2022 -

The full reveal for Dead By Daylight Chapter 23, which is using The Ring franchise, is coming tomorrow. Stay tuned for plenty of details about the new killer and more.

4 January 2022 -

There's still some time to go before the launch of the next Dead By Daylight chapter, but if you're intrigued by what changes we're going to see in the future, it's worth having a read of the latest Developer update, detailing numerous changes that will likely have a big impact on the game by the time Chapter 23 and the Ring Killer rolls around.

15 December 2021 -

Well, how wrong were we? Dead By Daylight's developer Behavior Interactive have taken the extraordinary step of announcing the next DBD Chapter months in advance. We now know Chapter 23 will be heavily inspired by Ringu, or known to many in the West as The Ring.

"The curse spreads. A haunting piece of horror history is joining Dead by Daylight’s expansive roster. Ringu is coming to The Fog with a new Chapter inspired by Kōji Suzuki’s novel and the original acclaimed film adaptation. You’ll have a little longer than seven days to hone those skills, so be sure to dive back into Dead by Daylight in preparation for Chapter 23 in March 2022."

You can take a look at the new trailer, just below:

2 November 2021 -

It's heavily rumoured that The Conjuring will be Dead By Daylight's next big licensed crossover, as summed up by Dead By Daylight's Reddit page moderator, u/epicandetc2234:

Also, some of Chapter 23's map assets were leaked, and since we don't think we're going to get original maps for a while (according to Mathieu Cote atl) some users have put two and two together that Chapter 23 might be The Conjuring.

The initial rumour started when several Reddit users on the Dead By Daylight Leaks Reddit page received assets hinting at the crossover. After being uploaded, these posts were immediately deleted. However, nothing is ever lost on the internet, as shown by u/Maple_Syrup97 who captured a leaked early build of the supposed location.

You can view the image here but, the build seems to be of a graveyard, acting as a re-imagining of the setting showcased in 2018's The Conjuring spin-off, The Nun. The spooky figure is also expected to be a killer as well. We're still some ways out, so take this news with a pinch of salt.

Chapter 23 Release Date

Update: Chapter 23, known as Sadako Rising, will be available on March 8th.

Unsurprisingly there is no official release date for Chapter 23 just yet. Couple this together with the fact that new content is normally tested on the Dead By Daylight PTR before going live and it's harder than ever to give a specific date for when we can expect to see the next chapter go live.

That said the game is fairly predictable when it comes to new content releases. If you're looking for a rough estimate, we can likely expect to see Chapter 23 go live in March 2022. Let us quickly explain why. The time between new chapters has historically been 3 months. The time between the Resident Evil chapter going live on June 15 and Hellraiser on September 7, was 84 days.

It means we can expect to see Chapter 23 go live in early March 2022.

Chapter 23 New Killer

February 15 - Update 2: The new killer is indeed the haunting Sadako (known in game as The Onryō) from the Ringu Novel and film adaptation. Here's a little more info, courtesy of a Dead By Daylight press release:

"With immense powers and a fearsome temper, Sadako was left to perish and rot in a watery grave. Gifted with otherworldly power, her violent wrath manifested into a cursed videotape that allowed her to appear before the viewers, to curse them and leave them dead, their faces twisted in a mask of terror. The Onryō’s fury is so profound that Survivors will soon find themselves condemned to a haunting fate. Though the flickering glow of a television has long been a source of comfort, the mere sight of one will soon send shivers down their spine."
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Update: It looks like the new killer will be from the 'Ring' horror series, so we can likely expect that the new killer will be Sadako Yamamura, the murdered psychic who was thrown into a well and then turned into a killer ghost/entity.

There's been talk for some time about a Candyman chapter. We've spoken about it before (more info on the link above), but the best possible time to launch a Candyman chapter would have surely been in the midst of the new film coming out in 2021. But instead, we got a Hellraiser-themed chapter before Halloween.

Beyond this, there have also been plenty of teasers pointing towards killers from all sorts of film and game licenses. Given that Chapter 22 is expected to introduce a new, original killer; Chapter 23's introduction of a licensed foe would mark a nice change.

In fact, one MASSIVE leak (which seems to be fairly reputable) has indicated that Chapter 23 will add The Nun from The Conjuring as a new killer.

That said, who knows what the twisted minds at Behaviour Interactive come up with.

Chapter 23 New Survivor

February 15 - Update 2: The new survivor for Chapter 23 is very clever, given that it's using a grown-up version of Yoichi Asakawa, the young boy who survived the original Ring movie. Here's a little more info, courtesy of a Dead By Daylight press release:

"Haunted by memories of loss, darkened by the shadow of evil. His journey is far from over. No stranger to Sadako’s fury is Yoichi Asakawa, whose young life was forever altered by The Onryō’s rage. First introduced to fans as a boy in the original 1998 Ringu movie, Yoichi is the only hero of the cult Japanese franchise to ever have made it alive after facing Sadako’s anger. His reappearance in Dead by Daylight is thus the first occasion for fans to reconnect with the beloved child more than 20 years after his escape and finally know what came of him. Now a respected marine biologist, his story continues as his search for answers drove him through treacherous waters, deep into a realm beyond rational understanding."
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Update: With Chapter 23 now confirmed to be themed on The Ring, we won't be seeing any characters from The Conjuring. Quite who could be included as new survivors is hard to say, given the wide selection of characters used throughout the many films based on the popular Japanese horror franchise.

Given that we're anticipating the next killer to be from a licensed property like that of The Conjuring series, the most obvious survivors could be paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren.

This would be interesting because the two individuals were world-renowned, real-life people, marking the first time real people would be introduced into the Dead By Daylight.

However, implementing real people may or may not sit well with fans, especially since Lorraine Warren only passed two years ago. Still, that hasn't stopped the eight or so films within The Conjuring Universe. But, we'll have to see who Behaviour Interactive decides to incorporate.

Updated by James Wright on February 14. Contributions by Rajan Chander.
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