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Dead By Daylight Chapter 22: Release Date, Leaks & Everything We Know So Far

Dead by Daylight Chapter 21 has launched, introducing the Cenobite Killer and at long last scratching that Hellraiser itch that fans have been desperate to scratch for years on end.

For Dead By Daylight Year 6 we should see two more killers coming to the game in order to round out the typical 4 we see added every year.

Naturally, players will always be curious to know what is coming next.


As we always say, sure as day follows night or killers follow survivors, we know that Behvaior Interactive will already have something planned for their next season of content.

Next up it's Chapter 22, and after the addition of The Nemesis and Cenobite killers so far this year, it's hard to argue that the devs have disappointed fans.

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For the sake of keeping everything tidy and in one place, we'll be updating this page with everything we know about the next chapter of Dead by Daylight, including all the leaks, rumours and official details as we get them. But what do we know so far?

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Chapter 22 Release Date

Unsurprisingly there is no official release date for Chapter 22 just yet. Couple this together with the fact that new content is normally tested on the Dead By Daylight PTR before going live and it's harder than ever to give a specific date for when we can expect to see the next chapter go live.

That said the game is fairly predictable when it comes to new content releases. If you're looking for a rough estimate, we can likely expect to see Chapter 22 to go live in December. Let us quickly explain why.

The time between new chapters has historically been 3 months. The time between the Resident Evil chapter going live on June 15 and Hellraiser on September 7, was 84 days.

It means we can expect to see Chapter 22 go live in early December 2021.


Chapter 22 New Killer


There's been talk for some time about a Candyman chapter. We've spoken about it before (more info on the link above), but the best possible time to launch a Candyman chapter would have surely been in the midst of the new film coming out this year. Instead, we got a Hellraiser themed chapter.

Beyond this, there's also been plenty of teasers pointing towards killers from all sorts of film and game licenses.

We've seen teasers related to the killer clown from IT and also nods towards 'The Evil Within' series, a horror game published by Bethesda and created by the legendary Shinji Mikami.

The only issue is that all of the 'leaks' or teasers mentioned above are pointing towards licensed killers. Having had two licensed killers in a row, it seems unlikely that the third killer in Year 6 will be licensed too.

If anything, it seems more likely than ever that the next killer for Chapter 22 will be something new, a twisted creation from the minds of Behaviour Interactive.

Who knows maybe they'll finally release one of the two previously unused killers known as 'The Teacher' and 'The Smasher'. We doubt it though.

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Chapter 22 New Survivor


Given that we're anticipating the next killer to be a wholly original character and story, and not anything licensed, it's incredibly difficult to give any sort of predictions on what the new survivors could be like.

Chapter 21 avoided adding a new Survivor entirely, even if some fans thought we might see Kirsty Cotton from the Hellraiser films.

So for now, we're going to pass on offering any suggestions until leaks give us a better sense of what the devs are planning.

What else would you like to see in Chapter 22 of Dead By Daylight? Let us know in the comments.