What is The Black Vale in Dead By Daylight?

Dead by Daylight Black Vale

Dead by Daylight Black Vale

Season 22 is Dead By Daylight's next big update. Rumoured to host an original killer from the twisted minds of Behaviour Interactive, The Black Vale might play a big role in the holiday expansion.

This clique has long been rooted in Dead By Daylight's lore, so it's only right they make their long-awaited major appearance.

We break down everything you need to know about the creepy cult.

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What is The Black Vale in Dead By Daylight?

The Black Vale is a deadly cult that has long lurked in the shadows since the 1700s. As a group, they are devoted to The Entity, an almighty being capable of swallowing worlds across the universe.

While players have come across the powerful being numerous times, The Black Vale has rarely been shown. It is speculated that The Black Vale gives The Entity access to the real world and of course, survivors.

Ever since their inception, they have been long cloaked in black robes with hoods to hide their appearance. No one has seen their faces.

Dead by Daylight The Entity
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The Entity

What is the purpose of The Black Vale

The main aim of The Black Vale is to seek all forms of hidden knowledge, in order to eclipse towards a whole other reality of existence. They will do anything to reach this goal including, performing human rituals and deadly experimentations.

They even have the power to manipulate organizations, governments, and world leaders to assist in their thirst for transcendence.

Dead by Daylight The Tower
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The Tower is part of The Black Vale's lore - the link remains unknown

They can shift through realities and various realms as well, showcasing their expansive desire to achieve these goals. While unconfirmed, it is likely that they are the ones responsible for providing offerings to killers and survivors.

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Certain survivors and killers have come across the cult before, mainly through the Tome entries. As evident below, most of the group's history is heavily linked to The Entity.

Victor & Charlotte Deshayes

Dead by Daylight Victor and Charlotte Deshayes
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In Arcus 1513, Charlotte and Victor Deshayes (The Twins Killer) are implied to have been kidnapped and tortured by the group. It is seen that they were experimented on in order to help summon The Entity and learn more about the sentient being. Some of the rituals performed involved engraving skulls, snapping the necks of birds, and even cutting themselves to pour blood onto roses.


Dead by Daylight Talbot
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Talbot Grimes (The Blight Killer) was taken in by The Black Vale. During his time there, he firsthand witnessed the experimentations and rituals they would cast, allowing him to uptake some of this knowledge. The group evidently kicked Talbot out and was then swooped up by The Entity.


Dead by Daylight Elodie
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In a desperate quest to find out what happened to her parents, Elodie encountered The Black Vale on Dyer Island. She avoided the shadowy group's eyes until a minor slip-up resulted in her being stabbed and left for dead by the cult. However, The Entity quickly took her into the Trials just before passing.


Dead by Daylight Felix
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Felix's father was a member of Imperatti, a group that aims to combat both The Entity and The Black Vale. He never came into contact with the deadly cult, but The Entity did trick him into entering the Trials.

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