Best Dead by Daylight Blight build

Image of Blight in Dead By Daylight.
Credit: Behaviour Interactive

Image of Blight in Dead By Daylight.
Credit: Behaviour Interactive
April 11, 2024 - We have checked over our build for The Blight in Dead By Daylight.

The best Dead By Daylight Blight build is one that uses this speedy killer to traverse maps quickly and down survivors as soon as possible. With a power focusing on rushes, getting to a certain point on the map will not be a problem for the Blight.

Talbot Grimes is a hard killer to use, but this handy guide will have everything covered, including his best perks, add-ons, and tips and tricks that will surely help you become the best killer out there.

Dead By Daylight Blight perks

The Blight has three unique perks that can be unlocked for other Killers via the Bloodweb.

Dragon's Grip

The first Survivor who interacts with a damaged generator will scream and their location will be revealed for four seconds via a red aura. They'll also suffer the Exposed status effect for 60 seconds.

Hex: Undying

The auras of all Survivors within 2/3/4 meters of a Dull Totem will be revealed to the Blight.

Hex: Blood Favour

Whenever a Survivor loses a health state and enters the injured or dying state, this perk will call upon the Entity to block all pallets within 24/28/32 meters of that Survivor's location from being pulled down for the next 15 seconds.

What are the best Dead by Daylight Blight builds?

The Blight is great with his speed so you should grab as many informational perks as possible. We would go with the following perks for the best possible build for the Blight:

Barbecue and Chilli

After hooking a Survivor, all Survivors who are at least 60/50/40 metres away from that Hook have their Aura revealed to you for 5 seconds.

Lethal Pursuer

At the start of the Trial, the Auras of all Survivors are revealed to you for 7/8/9 seconds. Extends the duration of a Survivor's Aura being revealed to you by +2 seconds.


Whenever a Generator is completed, The Entity blocks the Generator with the most progression for 20/25/30 seconds. The Aura of the blocked Generator is revealed to you in white during this time.


Increases your Field of View by 9/12/15 °. Shadowborn does not stack with Monitor & Abuse.

Alternative Dead By Daylight Blight builds

The Wraith is an A-tier Killer in Dead By Daylight that needs a lot of knowledge of its abilities, the game's perks, and the maps it is on. These builds take advantage of those.

Dead By Daylight Beginner Blight build

  • Hex: Blood Favour (The Blight)
  • Fearmonger
  • Jolt
  • Whispers

Dead By Daylight Toxic Blight build

  • Knockout (The Cannibal)
  • Monitor and Abuse (The Doctor)
  • Forced Hesitation (The Singularity)
  • Infectious Fright (The Plague)

This particular build created by zStormP makes the Blight the most toxic Killer in Dead By Daylight. Imagine the Blight doing Lethal Rushes almost faster than the normal version with its perks and add-ons. It can easily take down Survivors one by one on the field.

Dead By Daylight Survivor Tracking Otzdarva Blight build

  • Tinkerer (The Hillbilly)
  • Deathbound (The Executioner)
  • Hoarder (The Twins)
  • Discordance (The Legion)

YouTuber Otzdarva recently created a Blight build that focused more on tracking Survivors until they are taken out of the equation. This takes advantage of keeping track of the locations of the Survivors at all times, which is also perfect for any player who is new to the game.

Dead By Daylight Blight power

The Blight's power is called Blighted Corruption. This power enhances the Blight's strength and allows him to perform a rush.

Rush is an ability that propels him forward to hit objects and obstacles such as walls, pallets, hooks, crates, etc.

Once the Blight hits an object for the first time, his rush ability transforms into a Lethal Rush, where he can use his weapon to hit Survivors while rushing. The rush ability will go into a cooldown if the Blight does not hit an object.

The Blight starts with five tokens at the start of a trial. Blight will lose tokens whenever he uses rush or lethal rush. Nevertheless, the tokens will regenerate over time, so using them is not entirely a bad thing.

Image of the Blight in Dead By Daylight.
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Best Dead by Daylight Blight add-ons

Each Killer may come with many different add-ons that improve the Killer’s base kit or change it entirely for more fun and engaging gameplay. The Blight is no exception to this, so we’ve picked out the best add-ons for you to choose from.

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Chipped Monocle

A staple to Blight players, this add-on will show the location of Slam before casting it.

Image of the Blight in Dead By Daylight.
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Vigo's Journal

Like Chipped Monocle, Vigo's Journal is a must for Blight players. This add-on grants the undetectable status effect to the Blight when rushing.

Compound Seven

This add-on causes you to automatically face the nearest Survivor within 16 yards of your location after a Slam.

Compound Twenty-One

This add-on lets the Blight see the aura of Survivors within eight meters of the collision of each slam.


Foxglove is a poisonous plant that ignited Talbot's interest in chemistry, and it stirs up deeply buried memories. It reduces the duration of Fatigue by -0.25 seconds.

Iridiscent Blight Tag

Upon using the last rush token, the Blight's last lethal rush will put Survivors in a dying state.

Image of the Blight in Dead By Daylight.
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Dead By Daylight Blight tips and tricks

  • You don't have to constantly use your rush ability. It's best to just use your basic attack in tight loops where Survivors can hug corners or move around quickly because you could end up wasting your time and losing ground in the chase.
  • The Blight is highly mobile. Use your ability to get to places quickly because sometimes it can make all the difference.
Image of the Blight in Dead By Daylight.
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  • Use Lethal Rush at breakable walls and pallets. It's much faster than going through a Fatigue state and then breaking the pallet manually. It gives you more time to catch up to the Survivor too, which is exactly what you want when in a highly intense chase.
  • If you're using perks that require you to hit Survivors with a basic attack, then you should know that Lethal Rush doesn't count as one.

So there you have it, that's all you need to know about the best Blight builds in Dead by Daylight. Be sure to check back regularly to see how your build could be improved.

In the meantime, check out the killers we wish to see in Dead by Daylight soon, or some games like DBD for when you need a break.

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