Dead By Daylight best The Singularity build (June 2023)

Gabriel and The Singularity in Dead By Daylight

Gabriel and The Singularity in Dead By Daylight
June 13, 2023 - The Dead By Daylight anniversary is finally here!

The best Dead By Daylight The Singularity build is one that use their perks and abilities to push opponents out of good spots. With the new killer finally here, it's crucial to get clued up as soon as possible.

In this guide, we'll go over how to make a Singularity build that suits their powers, and how to get the most value out of them. As our information is based mostly on our time with the PTB, these are set to change as we play them in live servers.

What are The Singularity perks in Dead By Daylight?

These are what we know The Singularity's perks to be, from playing the PTB. There are three that you can unlock for other killers via the prestige system.

Genetic Limits

Genetic Limits gives a survivor the Exhausted effect for 24/28/32 seconds after finishing a healing action. This can be paired with anti healing perks like Sloppy Butcher to discourage team play.

Forced Hesitation

When a survivor is put into the Dying State, all survivors within 16 metres suffer from 15% Hindered effect for 10 seconds, slowing them down significantly. It has a cooldown of 60/50/40 seconds. This is good against ultra altruistic or bully survivors who heavily go for saves. It can also be used to slug effectively.

Machine Learning

When you damage a generator, the generator you damage becomes compromised. When it is finished, you become undetectable and get 7% additional haste for 20/25/30 seconds.

The Singularity in Dead By Daylight
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What is the best Dead By Daylight The Singularity build?

Given The Singularity is excellent for information and can get around the map very quickly, you want to run generator slowdown perks, holding the game still while you hunt them all down. Though some of their perks incentivise slugging or a hit and run play style, take your time and apply pressure all around the generators.

Corrupt Intervention (The Plague)

This blocks the three generators that are furthest away from you for 80/100/120 seconds. This forces the survivors to rush into you at the start and can be paired with the Denied Requisition Form add-on to great effect. Denied Requisition slipstreams survivors immediately, and slows down the EMP charge rate initially.

Jolt (General Perk)

When you put a survivor into the Dying State with a base attack, all generators within 32 metres explode, instantly regressing 6/7/8% whilst ticking down slowly afterwards. Survivors tend to get pretty greedy when it comes to generators, so this is a good way of punishing them for coming back too quickly.

Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance (The Artist)

When you hook a survivor on the Scourge Hook, the generator with the most progress explodes and instantly regresses 15/20/25%, applying normal regression afterwards. As well as this, survivors working on it scream. This is both excellent for information and can slow the game down by half a minute or more each time.

Deadlock (The Cenobite)

Whenever a generator is completed, the closest generator to completion is blocked for 20/25/30 seconds. This is good for information and allows you to apply pressure, justifying a full on chase near the generator.

The Singularity from Dead By Daylight
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Dead By Daylight The Singularity power

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The Singularity's power is called Quantum Instantation. At the start of a trial, you are given eight Biopods, which can be placed on vertical surfaces. These work as cameras, giving you great information around the map and, if survivors hover in your camera's lens for too long, you can attach a pod on them.

As long as you see them with your eyes or through a Biopod, you can teleport to a survivor who has been tagged, giving the Overclock Mode. This makes you break pallets and walls faster, and allows you to vault windows faster. You are also impervious to stuns.

Giving the survivors counter play, you can find EMPs throughout the map, that can detach the pod on your back or take down one of the cameras for 60 seconds. While you can still see through EMP pods, you can't shoot with them.

Dead By Daylight The Singularity best add-ons

Good add-ons tend to use the killer's kit to the fullest, extending out special abilities and making them a bit more deadly. The Singularity has quite a few add-ons that are decent, with only a few that stand out.

Denied Requisition Form

Not only does this make EMPs take 30 seconds longer to generate at the start of the trial, but all survivors start with the Slipstream on their back. This is a very scary way to start the game, allowing you some very quick momentum out of the gate.

Nanomachine Gel

After teleporting to a survivor and attacking them, they are inflicted with the Broken effect, leaving them unable to heal. This is great for a hit and run build and can work very well against healing squads.

Spent Oxygen Tank

This gives survivors who have been Slipstreamed the exhausted effect for six seconds. This is an excellent counter play to Sprint Burst, Lithe, and all those perks that give you a boost at the start of a chase.

Nutritional Slurry

A common add-on, Nutritional Slurry mostly cements its spot in this guide due to how effective it can be, in relation to its rarity. Two extra Biopods gives you a lot more information on the map and you can afford to run this pretty much every map.

Dead By Daylight The Singularity tips and tricks

  • When using The Singularity, you always want to go for the teleport. It can scare survivors away from pallets and is good at forcing them apart.
  • Don't respect pallets when playing The Singularity. You don't need to rely too heavily on mind games, as simply using your abilities will allow you to catch up to survivors.
  • Regularly replace Biopods with new ones looking out at similar locations. Simply hit your own Biopod with a shot to dismantle it, allowing you to put another down. Good survivors will learn positions, so make sure to catch them by surprise.
  • Don't be afraid to fire off Biopods in the middle of chase. If you angle it right, you can attach the Slipstream pretty quickly.

Now that you know how The Singularity works, you may want more information on the game. If so, this is what we know about the Dead By Daylight anniversary 2023, as well as our Dead By Daylight The Blight build guide, and the best Dead By Daylight Killer perks ranked.

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