Dead By Daylight Blood Hunt: Start Dates and Bloodpoints Event Explained

If you're a regular Dead by Daylight fan in need of more bloodpoints, you can always keep an eye out for new Dead By Daylight Promo Codes, but one of the easiest ways is through in-game events.

One of the most common events is the Blood Hunt and we know there's a new event coming just around the corner. Not that you have to spend these bloodpoints. You could hold onto them until the next chapter begins.

Whatever you decide to do, here's everything you need to know about Blood Hunt events in Dead by Daylight.

What is a Blood Hunt event in Dead By Daylight?

A Blood Hunt is a recurring event that typically accompanies celebratory events in-game.

Typically a Blood Hunt allows players to earn double Bloodpoints during the event. And yes, it's double Bloodpoints for Killers and Survivors.

In addition to this, the multiplier stacks with other Perks and Offerings that might also multiply bloodpoints earned.

In short, it's all great news for players looking to farm as many bloodpoints as possible in order to unlock Nodes from the Bloodweb.

When is the next Blood Hunt event in Dead By Daylight?

UPDATE: The last Blood Hunt event took place from November 25 to 29 and has now ended. Stay tuned for more info on the game's next blood hunt event, whenever that might be.

The next Blood Hunt event has been confirmed to start on November 25, 2021 to mark Black Friday. The blood hunt will end on November 29, 2021.

What time does the next Blood Hunt start?

There is no official start times and end times for the game's next blood hunt event. However, typically a Blood Hunt event will start at around 3PM-5PM UTC. So it'll start in the afternoon pretty much.

How long does the Blood Hunt event last?

It varies from event to event but typically a Blood Hunt will last for a weekend. In the case of the next Blood Hunt, the event was extended by an extra day as players unlocked 10m total crowns to extend the Blood Hunt by an extra 24 hours.

Blood Hunt vs Blood Rush vs Blood Feast - What's the difference?

So Dead By Daylight has three events that are fairly similar but with subtle differences. Namely, these three events - Blood Rush, Blood Hunt and Blood Feast - all events revolve around the idea of earning more Bloodpoints as part of a celebration.

In Blood Rush events, Bloodpoints earned are multiplied by 1.5. A Blood Hunt event will typically take place over a weekend and offered double Bloodpoints for players. Finally, you have the Blood Feast event, which has only ever happened once but offered triple Bloodpoints for players to earn.

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