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Dead By Daylight The Oni Build Guide: The Best Killer Perks, Powers, Add-Ons and Tips

The Oni is a samurai Killer that was added to Dead by Daylight alongside his Survivor, Yui Kimura, in December 2019. He is the very first Killer to have a familial relationship with another Killer - The Spirit.

The Oni is a fast, mobile Killer that gets more and more powerful the more Survivors stay hurt. He uses two weapons: his Katana and his Kanabo.

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But what makes The Oni an effective and brutal Killer in Dead by Daylight, and what’s the best way to use his power, perks, and add-ons? Well, this guide will answer all that, as well as give you some tips and tricks to try out, too.

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Dead By Daylight The Oni Killer Guide: Perks

The Oni has three unique perks that can be unlocked for other Killers via the Bloodweb.

  • Zanshin Tactics - You’re able to see the Auras of Breakable Walls, Pallets and Vaults within 24/28/32 metres of you.
  • Blood Echo - When a Survivor is put on a Hook, all Injured Survivors suffer from the Haemorrhage status effect until fully Healed, and also suffer from the Exhausted status effect, too.
  • Nemesis - When a Survivor stuns you using a Pallet or Locker, they become your new Obsession and you see their Aura for 4 seconds. They are also affected with the Blindness status effect.

Dead By Daylight The Oni Killer Guide: Power

The Oni’s power is called Yamaoka’s Wrath.

Described as a power to destroy other’s bloodlines, Yamaoka’s Wrath allows you to absorb Blood Orbs left by Injured Survivors. When absorbed, it fills up your Power gauge and once full, lets you activate Blood Fury.

Blood Fury is a state that causes The Oni to scream (which is heard by all Survivors across the map) and take out his Kanabo. The base amount of time this state remains active is 44 seconds.

With Blood Fury active, The Oni can use two abilities: Demon Dash and Demon Strike. With Demon Dash, The Oni dash forward at incredible speeds, allowing The Oni to cover large distances rapidly. As for the Demon Strike, this ability allows players to charge their attack and do a lengthy lunge to instantly down a Survivor, regardless if they are Healthy or Injured.

Dead By Daylight The Oni Killer Guide: Best Add-Ons

The Oni has some incredibly powerful add-ons that not only make his power last longer, but can also help him track Injured Survivors with ease - making him a great Killer for snowballing and getting Survivors down with ease. Even if you’re not a Killer main, these add-ons are useful to know so you can plan against them as a Survivor.

  • Lion Fang - This add-on considerably increases the duration of Blood Fury, meaning that you have a much longer time in your power and so have more of a chance to find Survivors (with tracking perks if necessary) and down them without having to worry about running out after one small Chase.

  • Scalped Topknot - Considerably decreases the cooldown for you to use your Demon Dash. It may not seem like much, but this is a particularly strong add-on that feels like it cuts the charge-up time for the ability in half and gives you the mobility and speed to catch up to Survivors and give them a BAM BAM for their trouble.

  • Tear Soaked Tenugui - Massively reduces the Blood Fury duration penalty when downing a Survivor. This is particularly useful if you pair it with another add-on that increases the duration of your Bloody Fury in the first place, giving you more time and space to combine the two add-ons to release holy hell on your prey.

  • Renjiro’s Bloody Glove - This is a particularly nutty add-on as it allows all Survivors to see the Blood Orbs they leave behind, but a Survivor’s Aura is revealed for 2 seconds whenever they come into contact with the Blood Orb. For maximum effect, we recommend not using your power if you’re going to use this add-on as you’ll be able to see Survivors aura’s much more often if you do and almost constantly know where they are once you’ve got them injured.

Dead By Daylight The Oni Killer Guide: Tips and Tricks

  • Infectious Fright is a must on The Oni if you want to go for a snowball build. Once you get one Survivor down with your Demon Strike, Demon Dash to the nearest Survivor that screamed and knock them down for the count, too. And if you get lucky enough to hear another Survivor scream, you can do it all over again.

  • Sloppy Butcher is a must for The Oni as it makes Survivors bleed more, and as such, gives you more Blood Orbs for you to absorb and charge your Power to use against others. Particularly useful if you’re using the add-on Renjiro’s Bloody Glove.

  • Renjiro’s Bloody Glove is a great add-on that punishes Survivors a lot, but because the best way to use it is to negate The Oni’s power then we suggest an add-on like Play With Your Food to help improve The Oni’s Movement Speed.

  • When you pick up a Survivor while your Blood Fury is activated, it automatically cancels itself so only pick up a Survivor if you want to preserve some of your power. Alternatively, pick up a Survivor and you’ll move past the fatigue state that happens once The Oni uses all his power.

  • Demon Strike has a longer lunge attack than a normal Basic Attack so don’t be afraid to lunge at a Window even if you don’t think you’re going to hit. You’ll often be surprised at the result.

  • Unlike The Hillbilly and The Demogorgon, The Oni does not get stunned when he uses his Demon Dash and hits objects like walls or even Vaults. So don’t be afraid to twist and turn around them to get the best use of his ability, even if turning those tight corners can be difficult.