How To Find Evil Dead Map Pieces

One of the Deadites in Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead: The Game is a new PvP horror experience that pits survivors against demons. Despite having such a small download size, the game's map is huge, giving you plenty of space to work with. It features lots of varied settings, allowing for randomised fun. That said, with a large map comes the need to explore, so if you’re trying to work out how to collect Evil Dead map pieces, then we’ve got the guide for you.

The game currently features two distinct maps to play on, which both have their own areas of interest. Developer Saber Interactive may add more maps in the future, but for now, we have two vast maps to work with.

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Pablo and Kelly from Ash Vs The Evil Dead
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Pablo and Kelly Evil Dead

How Do I Collect Evil Dead Map Pieces?

First off, to collect Evil Dead map pieces you need to play as a survivor. In order to kill the Kandarian Demon, you need to collect the Kandarian Dagger and the Necronomicon’s lost pages. Before you can find those pages, there are three map pieces that you will need to locate, and they are spread around the map.

You’ll be given a mission objective to go find a map piece in a certain area. For example, you may be told to go collect a piece of the map near Camp Greenbird. Once you’ve done it, you’ll then move on to the next mission objective.

The location of the map pieces varies from match to match, so don’t expect them to be in the same place each time. However, they can only appear within the grey circle on the map. So, if you search the area with the map open, you’ll have a far easier time trying to find them.

Where Are the Evil Dead Map Pieces?

As stated before, Evil Dead map pieces will be in different places each time. However, you can often predict where they might appear in the search area. For example, if you are in the search area and are really struggling to find the map piece, it will most likely be tacked to a wall or somewhere that’s eye level.

Evil Dead gives you a bit of a hint when you are close to the map piece. When you are close by, an exclamation point will appear above the map piece. Additionally, there will be a green glow around the map piece, making it easier for you to spot it.

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