Evil Dead Single Player - Can You Play Solo?

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Image of Ash and various survivors in the Evil Dead game.

The new game based on the beloved Evil Dead franchise is nearly upon us. It's the first video game set in Sam Raimi's horror universe since the 2018 VR game Evil Dead: Virtual Nightmare, but looks to be doing things completely differently. As such, we're here to explain whether there is Evil Dead single player, or if the new horror title is completely multiplayer.

In this guide, we'll take a look at whether the new Evil Dead game has a single player mode, or if it follows its contemporaries like Dead By Daylight in being completely multiplayer. We'll also dig into whether there's a story mode, to determine if you get to see a new tale following Ash and the cast of increasingly wacky and macabre supporting characters.

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Is Evil Dead Single Player?

We can definitively say that, for better or worse, Evil Dead does not feature single player. On all of the marketing material and even the official website, the asymmetrical PvP multiplayer comes front and centre. If there was any semblance of single player functionality, even in the shape of bot lobbies or challenge modes, we'd know by now. Therefore, if you're expecting to enioy the new Evil Dead game as a solo adventure, you're going to be sorely disappointed.

Instead, the game will play very similar to asymmetrical horror games like Dead By Daylight, where you play either as a plucky teen survivor, or a brutal killer trying to wipe these unwitting victims from the Earth. That sort of gameplay approach wouldn't really work in a single player manner, and would likely get pretty dull if you're just playing with AI companions or killers. Therefore, it isn't too much of a surprise that single player isn't a focus of this new Evil Dead game.

That said, the game's listing on the PlayStation Store suggests you can play some element of the game solo, but you'll need to be connected to the internet at all times for it to work. Saber Interactive hasn't spoken out on what these solo elements could be, but we imagine it'll be some sort of guided tutorial - and as such, not enough to constitute a proper single player mode.

Image of a group of Kandarian Demons in Evil Dead.
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Is There A Story Mode in Evil Dead?

Equally, it seems like there isn't a campaign mode, or any sort of narrative in the Evil Dead game. That follows the template set by Dead By Daylight back in 2016. That game contains lore derived from character profiles and environmental storytelling, but lacks a dedicated single player story. As far as we know, this Evil Dead game will be the same, with a lot of focus on multiplayer rather than adding some lore to the existing franchise. Given there's a new Evil Dead film due out later this year though, that's not too much of a problem.

That's your lot for our look at Evil Dead single player! While the game doesn't appear to have a story mode or any solo gameplay aside from tutorials, the depth of multiplayer progression, and fan service in the design, should be enough to keep fans of the series busy. While the short wait to launch goes on, feel free to redeem some Cookie Run: Kingdom codes for gacha goodies to keep you occupied!

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