Evil Dead Multiplayer Tips - How to Win Matches

Image of Ash Williams in the Evil Dead game.

Need a few Evil Dead multiplayer tips? The new game based on Sam Raimi's films is reasonably deep in terms of the different roles and play styles you can select, as well as the steps required to beat a match. As such, the chances are new players may need a pointer or two to fully get to grips with how to win against the forces of evil.

In this Evil Dead guide, we'll run through a few pointers to help you make the most of the game. If you're currently a little overwhelmed while playing, or struggle to win games, then our advice should give you a better understanding of what you need to do differently. It's not an easy game by any means, so help is an invaluable resource.

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Evil Dead Multiplayer Tips

Communication is Key

Collecting all of the Necronomicon pages is an almost impossible task if you aren't working as a team. Four survivors against one Kandarian Demon may sound like good odds, but if you play as four individuals rather than a team, you'll struggle.

As such, you'll want to either squad up with people you know in a party, or find a lobby where people have microphones. Otherwise, it's quite difficult to co-ordinate your plan of attack, and can lead to players just wandering around rather than having a strategic idea in mind. The maps are huge, so it's quite easy for players to get lost, or head off without planning where they're going and why.

Image of Kandarian demons in the Evil Dead game.
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Play the Objective

Linked to the previous point, you won't win matches in Evil Dead if most of your team are off exploring or randomly killing Deadites. As such, all four of the survivors will need to be focused on playing the objective, or an early defeat will likely be on the cards.

While the 30-minute match limit may sound quite generous when you first start playing the game, you'll soon realise that you don't have time to mess around. The longer a match goes on, the more difficult the enemies become, including bosses who can easily withstand all four of you battling it at once.

Therefore, it's really important to collect those Necronomicon pages at the very start of a match. You can likely do that within the first ten minutes if you're all working together, which leaves you plenty of time to find the Kandarian dagger and trigger the ritual to defeat the demon. That is a lot more time-consuming, so it's crucial you're on the objective from the very start.

Watch Your Fear Meter!

Something that can easily creep up on you in Evil Dead is how fast your fear level rises. It's the purple status bar at the bottom-left of your screen, and it can increase rapidly if you're isolated, nowhere near teammates. You really don't want to let your fear spiral out of control, or the demon will possess you and you temporarily lose control of your survivor.

As such, always keep watch of how your fear meter is looking. If it's approaching the arrow indicating that you've almost teetered into possession, go and find your team to get it back down. If they're nowhere near, you can light fires to wooden pyres in the woods, or fireplaces within houses. Then sit around them for just a few moments, and it'll go back down.

Play Through Single-Player

Our last bit of advice is to dedicate a few hours into completing the single-player missions that you can find on the main menu. They don't quite constitute a story mode per se, but instead are little narrative vignettes based on key moments from the Evil Dead movies. More than just a distraction though, completing each mission bags you a new character who you previously didn't have access to.

Therefore, you should work through the various single-player missions if you want to collect every character in the game. They aren't easy though, with vast open spaces and no respawns or checkpoints, meaning you have to complete it all in one run. However, to get characters like Ash from the first film or Lord Arthur from Army of Darkness, you'll need to complete them at least once.

That's it for a few early Evil Dead multiplayer tips! The game is sure to last quite a while due to the promise of new DLC and an active, passionate fanbase, so these pointers will help you get the most out of Saber Interactive's latest game. While you're here, also feel free to check out our guide to the Evil Dead crossplay, to see whether you can dive in with a friend or not.

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