How to Fix Evil Dead Pre-Order DLC Not Appearing

Image of a villainous creature in the Evil Dead game.

Image of a villainous creature in the Evil Dead game.

With the new Evil Dead game out now, fans of Sam Raimi's horror franchise are diving into some asymmetrical multiplayer action. But it isn't without a few launch hiccups. If you're struggling to redeem your Evil Dead DLC codes, we've dug around the internet for some tips on how to fix Evil Dead DLC not appearing on your account.

In this Evil Dead guide, we'll explain what happens when some players try to redeem the DLC, while also outlining the steps you take to actual unlock it. It's bound to be frustrating for people who've paid extra for the game, so the good news is that a fix should be imminent.

Elsewhere, feel free to check out our guide on Evil Dead's single-player modes so you know whether there's a movie-inspired story mode to dive into. On top of that, we've got a look at whether Evil Dead crossplay exists between platforms, as well as details on if an Evil Dead Game Pass release is on the cards.

How to Fix Evil Dead DLC Not Appearing

The chances are that this problem boils down to the Evil Dead pre-order bonus items not being activated on each platform's storefront. While the game is now live, it does appear to be struggling through early-stage teething problems.

As such, we recommend you try and redeem your Evil Dead DLC codes again in the subsequent hours and days after launch. Once the launch rush calms down a bit and the game is properly brought online across the various platform's storefronts, redeeming your Evil Dead DLC codes should start to work.

The Savini Ash skin is struggling to register on people's accounts.
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Which Evil Dead DLCs Don't Work?

The main Evil Dead DLC packs that seem to be affected by the launch bug are the Savini Ash and Army of Darkness skins. Both were pre-order bonus codes, but they're accessible through the season pass as well.

Interestingly, it seems that different platforms are having problems with different skins. Players on the Evil Dead game subreddit are reporting that their Savini codes either haven't been sent to them, or are being rejected on digital storefronts. Collector's Edition owners entitled to the Army of Darkness skins also seem to be having problems redeeming the included codes.

For players who have yet to even receive their codes, it becomes a bit more tricky. The chances are you'll be automatically entitled to download the Army of Darkness skins for free on the store, since your platform of choice will recognise that you have the enhanced edition. However, it's also worth keeping tabs on the Saber Interactive support Twitter, as they'll no doubt address this issue if it persists.

That's it for our look at how to fix the Evil Dead DLC errors. While annoying, it's good to see that it isn't especially game-breaking and should be ironed out soon. The same could be said for the Evil Dead Xbox version not working, though, mercifully, that appears to now be fixed.

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