Is Evil Dead on Xbox Game Pass?

Image of Ash and a fellow survivor in the Evil Dead game.

Image of Ash and a fellow survivor in the Evil Dead game.

The new Evil Dead game, an asymmetrical multiplayer horror, is almost upon us. Fans of Sam Raimi's films are no doubt excited to dive into the PvP survival slogs, but many want to know exactly how to get their hands on it. As such, we're here to answer a common question around the new game: is Evil Dead on Game Pass?

In this Evil Dead guide, we'll go over whether the game is coming to Xbox and PC Game Pass, based on the current information we have. On top of that, we'll look at whether the game is due to arrive on Game Pass at any point in the future, so subscribers know whether to spend money on the game now or to wait.

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Is Evil Dead Coming to Game Pass?

At the time of writing, there is nothing to suggest that Evil Dead will be coming to Game Pass. At least, we know so far that it won't be a day-one Game Pass arrival, in the way recent games like Trek to Yomi were. As such, if you want to play it on its release day of May 13, you'll need to buy a copy of the game.

By this point, if Evil Dead was coming to Game Pass at launch, we'd know by now. The Xbox Wire site provides bimonthly updates on the latest Game Pass arrivals, and Evil Dead didn't appear on the first batch for May 2022. Unless it randomly drops on Game Pass several weeks after its release, it seems unlikely to be coming any time soon.

Image of a monster in the Evil Dead game.
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Will Evil Dead Arrive On Game Pass in the Future?

Of course, nothing's to say that Evil Dead won't hit Game Pass at some point in the future. Microsoft's bespoke digital games service is renowned for adding huge titles on a whim, so in all honesty anything could happen.

The chances are boosted somewhat when looking at the previous history of developer Saber Interactive. Back in 2011 they remastered the original Halo for the Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition, before also making the Master Chief Collection in 2014. Their most recent work with Xbox Game Studios was in 2020, releasing PC ports of the first five games in the series.

While that's far from definitive evidence, it's clear thatSaber has a good relationships with Xbox Game Studios and Microsoft. Whether that'll lead to an appearance on Game Pass down the line, it's hard to say. But that close affilitation certainly can't hurt. Of course, if Evil Dead is set to join the Game Pass lineup, it'll be announced a few weeks in advance so players can pre-download it onto their systems.

That's it for our look at whethr the new Evil Dead game will be a Game Pass release! While it isn't set to join the library just yet, you can truly never say never when it comes to Microsoft and their willingness to commit to Game Pass. With the Xbox and Bethesda showcase taking place in early June, that would be an opportune time to announce some Game Pass surprises - and what's to say Evil Dead won't be one of them?

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