What Is The Max Level In Evil Dead?

Evil Dead: The Game characters standing in a line
Credit: Evil Dead: The Game Preview Art

Evil Dead: The Game characters standing in a line
Credit: Evil Dead: The Game Preview Art

Evil Dead: The Game features skill trees and abilities to level up, meaning there has to be a level cap. From levelling up the individual survivors, and the demons to the classes, they all have their own caps, and this guide will explain each one. Reaching max level in Evil Dead may seem like a task, but we’ve got the info on each of the caps and the sparkly trophies you get at the end.

It's important to know how far you can go in the game, and where the maximum power lies. That way, you can prepare ahead of time and work around that goal, no matter what cap you are working towards. Some of the caps haven’t been reached by players yet, so they are still unknown. Once we know them, they will be updated to let you know.

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Evil Dead: The Game character with a bloodied face
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What Is The Maximum Survival Level?

Playing the game as a survivor awards you with character XP as well as giving you spirit points. The character XP is automatically given to the character that you were just playing in the match. Spirit points can be used to level up any character you like by going to the collection screen. The max level is 25. By reaching the max level, you will unlock an achievement named “Ave to the King.”

What Is The Maximum Demon Level?

The maximum demon level is 45. Although, at the moment there is a known bug in the game which means players are unlocking the trophy for reaching level 45 without being close to it. The achievement is named ‘We Will Be Again’. You level up a demon by spending spirit points the same way you do for survivors.

What Is The Maximum User Level?

At the moment, there hasn’t been a player that has unlocked the “Groovy” achievement, so we don’t know what the maximum user level is. We’ll update the guide once we know what the max level is.

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