How to Level Up Fast in Evil Dead: The Game

Image of a possessed skeleton playing the flute in Evil Dead: The Game.

Image of a possessed skeleton playing the flute in Evil Dead: The Game.

If you want to start winning matches reguarly, you'll need to learn how to level up fast in Evil Dead: The Game. It's a title that's reasonably unforgiving in terms of progression, so learning the best methods of farming XP is crucial. That's where we step in, with some tips on how you can rank up at a boosted rate.

In this Evil Dead guide, we'll break down a nifty way of bagging yourself more XP per match, which will consequently lead to you levelling up faster. On top of that, we'll explain the different types of XP and levelling in the game, because your character XP and overall account XP are two different things.

Elsewhere, we've got tips on how to unlock characters in Evil Dead, so you can complete the roster of survivors and demons with no stress. That's on top of a look at the upcoming DLC roadmap, alongside some tips on how to find map pieces, getting some precious wins in the meantime.

How To Level Up Quickly in Evil Dead: The Game

Comfortably the best way to level up quickly in Evil Dead: The Game is by joining player vs AI lobbies. In these cases, you and three other people go up against a computer-controlled demon, which is usually much more tolerable than facing a real person. Then you'll want to farm enemies to get as much in-game XP as possible, and win the game for even more.

Simply put, there isn't a quick and easy method to farm XP in the game, as you can only really get it from killing enemies and completing matches. Of course, you get a generous XP bonus if you win, or end up first on your team, but generally speaking you'll just need to play through plenty of games.

That's why going to a PvE lobby is your best bet. Generally speaking, they're easier than the PvP mode. As such you have a higher chance of winning the match and killing more enemies. Sadly, the single-player mode where your teammates and the demon are AI doesn't yield XP, otherwise it'd be a surefire bet.

On top of that, you can play through the single-player missions for a bit of extra XP. They're streamlined, more story-driven vignettes where you complete a brief set of objectives to unlock skins and tape recordings. However, they have no checkpoints or respawns, so if you die it's back to square one. The first time you complete a mission you won't get any XP, but repeat completions will net you it.

Image of armour-clad demons in Evil Dead: The Game.
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What Is XP Used For in Evil Dead: The Game?

Of course, it's no use farming all that XP to level up if you don't know what to do with it. As such, we've got details on why it's important to level up your character, as well as what happens just for ranking up your profile more generally.

For each match you complete with a character, you'll progress towards their character level. The higher this goes, the more upgrade points you get, which can be put towards purchasing perks. They're crucial once you've picked a character to main, unlocking permanent buffs like fear resistance and increased damage.

Your account level is a totally different beast, however. As you progress up the ranks, hitting milestone levels will unlock new passive skills for each of the survivors. These are mainly buffs to active powers, or boosts to your starting HP and shields to make things easier. Therefore, you'll want to level up as efficiently as you can, to get those buffs and carry them into battle.

That's it for our tips on levelling up quickly in Evil Dead: The Game! Sadly there isn't a surefire way to cheese some XP and progress quickly, so you'll simply need to get good and play through as much as you can. Luckily, we've got some Evil Dead multiplayer tips to help you as you start out killing Deadites!

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