Eversoul Discord link - How to get access and support

A bunch of characters from Eversoul.

A bunch of characters from Eversoul.

Having released on January 5, 2023, Eversoul has managed to become the first big mobile RPG hit of the year. But the Eversoul Discord link is proving tricky to find for some. To make things easier, we've rummaged around looking for just that, and you'll find it - and a bunch of reasons why you should use it - down below.

The Discord link for Eversoul is currently a little difficult to find. Not because the team is trying to keep it hidden, but because the game shares its name with a popular Minecraft mod that's been around forever, complicating search results when you look for one thing but happen upon another.

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Is there an Eversoul Discord link?

If you're struggling to find where the Eversoul mobile community is chatting at launch, you just need to click this Eversoul Discord link on whichever device you currently have Discord installed to. It's taken straight from the Eversoul Twitter account and will take you straight to the server you're looking for.

Just verify yourself by agreeing to its terms, and the rest of the channel list will appear like magic.

If you search for it on Google, you'll likely end up joining a server designed for the Minecraft mod of the same name. Don't waste your time. Unless you actually want to play that, of course.

What is the Eversoul Discord?

The Eversoul Discord server is just like any other game server you've probably joined - a community of players all chatting together, sharing their tips, questions, theories, and more.

With Eversoul, and most mobile RPGs, it's a great place to talk about your favourite characters and theorycraft strong teams. If you're ever stuck at a certain point in the game, you're sure to find someone who can help you out.

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