Eversoul tier list (January 2023) - Best characters to reroll for

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A selection of Eversoul characters.
January 10, 2022: We've given the Eversoul tier list a shake-up now that we're around a week into launch.

After the Eversoul tier list? Of course you are. Picking out the best Eversoul characters in the game is as important as any other new mobile gacha RPG you pick up. Knowing the stand-out characters right out of the gate can stop you from making costly mistakes by focusing on units that just won't cut it later down the line.


So assuming you're not just interested in training up your favourites, you'll want to read on - we have every major Eversoul character graded, ranked, and slotted into an easy-to-read tier list table. Give it a read, commit it to memory, or leave it on another screen while you pull away and ascend your best picks.

For more reading material, check out the Eversoul codes list. By keeping up with those, you'll get plenty of free pulls and upgrade materials. And if you're looking to chat to other players, the Eversoul Discord link is something you might want, too.

Eversoul tier list (January 2023) - Best characters for launch

Tier Character
SAdrianne, Petra, Talia, Vivienne, Naiah
ACatherine, Chloe, Jacqueline, Dora
BAira, Claire, Clara, Jade, Linzy, Miriam, Rebecca, Seeha, Soonie
CMephistopeles, Ayame, Renee, Prim, Nicole, Cherry,
DHaru, Erusha, Flynn, Nini, Violette

Though this is far from the complete Eversoul character list right now, we've cross-referenced the Prydwen.gg tier list with chatter over on the Eversoul Discord server to come up with this day one Eversoul tier list.

As others have likely pointed out already, Eversoul didn't have an extensive testing period prior to launch, meaning we don't have complete data for characters to accurately gauge their capabilities.


Because of that, it's best to take the Eversoul tier list (and any other version of it you see) with a grain of salt for now. Most of the rankings are based on early game progress, so characters could move up or down soon based on how they perform at higher levels.

If you're just getting started, though, the Eversoul tier list as it stands should see you through most of the early struggles. And although Seeha and Mica are low on the chart, they work well together if you want to use two slots to keep them around.

Talia from Eversoul.

How to get Talia in Eversoul

If you've got your heart set on pulling Talia in Eversoul, you're going to need to spend a buck. That's it, though - just one buck. Talia is a first-time purchase reward. Just buy anything and you'll get her for free.

How to get Chloe and Seeha for free in Eversoul

Two characters that make it onto the Eversoul tier list not just for their power, but their low cost, are Chloe and Seeha.


In gacha games, you need to weigh a character's power with their ease of access before you can rank them fairly. An example being an overpowered character not really being a chart-topper if only a fraction of the playerbase can get them due to cost, rarity, or the need to pull them multiple times to really shine.

With Chloe and Seeha, though, they're both present because they're free. So if you're looking to make a dent in the game without spending a dime, they're the two to invest in.


To get Chloe for free in Eversoul, just clear up to chapter 2. You'll recruit her immediately like you did Rose at the start of the game.


To get Seeha, who shines when paired with Mica, just clear the Boot Camp event missions. She's the final reward.

What other free Eversoul characters can you get?

Beyond the three listed above, you can get Linzy, Clara, Rebecca, and Mephi for free through various methods. Here's how:

  • Linzy
    • Complete the tutorial.
  • Clara
    • Clear chapter 3.
  • Rebecca
    • Clear chapter 5.
  • Mephi
    • Claim after logging in for seven days.

Like any Eversoul characters, though, you'll need to collect souls from duplicate pulls to ascend any of these characters. We haven't been able to test them yet, but they could be some of the strongest of the bunch once they're properly built, so they're worth seeking out.

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