Elden Ring Modder Brings Casual Fridays to the Lands Between

An image of The Tarnished looking casual in Elden Ring.

For the connoisseurs of frustration that roam the plains of Elden Ring, fashion usually isn't too much of a priority.

After all, when you’re having a difficult time mowing through bosses armed with only some medieval firepower and a motivational pep talk from Israel Adesanya, how good your apparel is at deflecting blows takes precedence over how cool it looks or how comfortable it is.

Thankfully, a modder has now stepped in to urge the enemies of Elden Ring to chill out a bit, take things easy, and don some more casual attire, so that you can wear your hypebeast threads without so much fear.

Slide Into the Elden Ring Weekend in Relaxed Fashion

The mod in question is called ‘Elden Ring Casual Friday’ and is the first ever work of modder updelta, who clearly wants their modding legacy to be pretty cool.

In practice, the mod is simply a reskinning of some of Elden Ring’s enemies don more casual clothing as they work their last shifts before clocking off to go and see their kids or binge-watch Netflix.

This isn’t the case for everyone yet though, with the mod still being a bit of a work in progress, meaning that only those enemies who dwell in the areas from Lower Raya Lucaria to Wolf of Radagon have had the new initiative approved by their bosses so far.

It does, however, come with a save file featuring a character ideally pre-levelled to take on the modded areas, so you can delve straight into the casual Friday vibes instead of getting stuck in a formal Tuesday or work-clothes Wednesday mood.

On the other hand, if your idea of a relaxing Elden Ring experience involves letting your hair down rather than dressing down, another mod might be more of what you’re looking for.

This one, called ‘Long Hairstyle’ is the work of modders NarberalGamma and ZLOHORT, the latter of whom has also created a Malenia-themed version of the game’s menu.

In practice, this work replaces hair slot 19 with a cool new style that certainly stands out, even if that is only because it clips through helmets.

If either of these sounds good to you make sure to grab mod engine 2 first, as this is needed to make both mods function as intended.

So, kick back, begin your countdown to the Elden Ring weekend, and make sure to follow us for more updates on the wacky worlds of Skyrim and Fallout modding.

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