Elden Ring Modder Brings Hypebeast Fashion to the Lands Between

A Hypebeast-outfitted Tarnished in Elden Ring

A Hypebeast-outfitted Tarnished in Elden Ring

When you load into Elden Ring, odds are the first thing you think about isn’t how expensive your outfit looks.

After all, the game can be so difficult at times that concentrating harder on giving The Tarnished a makeover than listening to your motivational pep talk from Israel Adesanya can seem like a bad decision.

However, a new mod looks as though it’ll take care of your threads in a manner that might make the game’s bosses think twice about messing with you, making your life a lot easier.

The Scariest Thing in Elden Ring is Now the Hoodies

The mod in question is called “Elden Ring Drip Mod” and is the work of modder Tallmaget, whose previous work includes a lot of Tekken and Final Fantasy-inspired skins.

Now, however, they’ve unleashed their true modding potential by bringing the swagger of a thousand hypebeasts to the game via some supreme clothing which turns The Tarnished into a walking billboard for overindulgence.

Replacing the vanilla game’s Juvenile Scholar Cap and Maliketh’s Armour, Gauntlets and Greaves, the new gear emphasises its wearer’s commitment to beating the game “by any means necessary”, mainly by plastering this motto all over them.

A Tarnished taking a selfie whilst wearing Hypebest-vibes clothing.
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It’s unclear whether this results in any tangible buffs, but the apparel certainly looks like it’ll cause enemies to flee, possibly just to avoid being seen in public with the wearer.

On the other hand, if terrible, overpriced garments aren’t your style or you live in the UK and are anticipating next week’s apparent heatwave, another mod might be more of what you’re looking for.

This one, called “Summertime Bikinis” is the work of modder judgmentcutt, who clearly enjoys a trip to the beach.

The current trio of swimsuits it offers are modified versions of those in Tekken 7, with future updates possibly offering some new garments created by the modder from scratch.

If that sounds good to you make sure to grab mod engine 2 first, as this is needed to make the mod function as intended.

So, don your waviest garms, jump back into Elden Ring, and make sure to follow us for more updates on the wacky worlds of Skyrim and Fallout modding.

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