How to Change Your Name in Dislyte

Dislyte has finally been released worldwide on Android and iOS. But with pre-release players already hogging up all the cool names, you might want to know how to change your Dislyte name to stand out just that little bit more. We're going to go over that (and a few of the errors you might run into) down below.

Customisation plays quite a small role in Dislyte. You can unlock various colour palettes to use as a background on your profile (viewable by your friends), and change your Squad/User name - but that's about it. The Dislyte squad name you choose will be visible to all players, and will be how they can search you to add you as a friend - so you'll want to make sure it's as cool as you are.

For those new to Dislyte, we have some helpful guides to help you get going: First off, check our Dislyte codes page to ensure you're not missing out on any free items that can dramatically boost your power. And to make sure you're only upgrading the best Espers, our Dislyte tier list is worth a look.

How to Change Your Dislyte Squad Name

The game starts you with the username Esper, followed by a series of numbers. It's a fine name if you're into cryptic strings, but you'll be prompted to change it once you're far enough through the tutorial missions.

It's free the one time, (and you'll even be given an item that lets you change it again as part of the launch campaign) but if you change your mind again, you'll need to pay out for the privilege using valuable Nexus Crystals.

You can change your name or Squad Title in the menu that comes up when you click your avatar picture in the top left. There's a pencil shape button on the right-hand side. Clicking this will bring up a box with the change name option.

This name is the Squad Title. Be aware that each name must be individual, and 14 characters or less. The first change of your Squad Title is free, and then after that, it will cost Nexus Crystals.

The Invalid Character error can cause you to struggle to change your Dislyte name.
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Why Can't I Change My Dislyte Name?

If you're getting an error when attempting to change your Dislyte name, you're probably just formatting it incorrectly.

The game doesn't actually tell you how exactly you've triggered the 'invalid characters' error, but the most common cause is simply a space. Your Dislyte name has to be one whole word, but you're free to break that up with capital letters and a few other characters. It's an easy way to have a squad name read well.

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