How to Get the Dislyte Pre-Registration Rewards

With the game now officially out in the wild, you're not the first to come here wondering how to get the Dislyte pre-registration rewards. Given the game has been playable for some for months, whereas others have had to settle watching the pre-registration numbers go up to increase the potential rewards, global launch has arrived, and it's time to finally collect the goods. But you won't find them where you usually would.

Down below, we're going to quickly cover what the Dislyte pre-registration rewards are, and where you'll find them. It may sound redundant, but it's a popular question right now. They're not found where most gacha games would place them, and we know where they are.

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What Are the Dislyte Pre-Registration Rewards?

Though the game stood at a pre-registration number of around 30,000 a few months after it was announced, that number had increased beyond one million by the game the game was about ready to launch. For that, the Dislyte pre-registration rewards became a free 10-pull - but not straight away.

In a cruel twist of fate, the Dislyte pre-registration reward is split across five days. You get two Gold Discs per day, eventually equaling ten.

Dislyte pre-registration rewards aren't as straightforward as they should be.
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How to Get the Dislyte Pre-Registration Rewards

When you launch Dislyte for the first time, you probably expect to get the pre-registration rewards through the in-game mailbox. It's how virtually every other gacha game has done it in the past, but that's not how it works here.

That's because the Dislyte pre-registration rewards require you to hit account level five before they're delivered. Worse yet, likely to discourage reroll spamming, they rewards are dished out over five days, meaning it takes almost a week to get the free 10-pull summon promised for pre-registering.

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