Disco Elysium: How to Get the Body Down

One of your first tasks in Disco Elysium is to get the dead body of a murder victim down from the tree behind the Whirling-in-Rags. Not easy, considering it’s hanging from a branch some thirty feet up and you’re still very hungover. Not to worry, we’ll show you how to get to the body down from the tree in our guide below.

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How to Get the Body Down in Disco Elysium

To get the body down from the tree in Disco Elysium players can take several routes, each one of which has its own path and consequences. Don’t worry, they’re not mutually exclusive, so if you screw up one path you can pursue another. Here’s all the ways to get the body down:

  • Shoot the body down with Kim’s gun (fastest method)
  • Shoot the body down with your own gun (longest method)
  • Speak to the Union Leader Evrart Claire and ask him to help (most complicated method)

Most players will likely pick the last one, as though it’s the stage with the most steps, it’s also the easiest, with various paths and lower skill checks. We’ll outline them below.

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Shoot the Body Down

Shooting the body down is better done with Kim’s gun than yours, as players can’t get their own gun until the third day, so the body will be up for a while. Not only that, but you’ll have to burn your pool of very limited ammunition to do. If you think shooting it down is the way to go, there’s a means to do that with Kim’s gun.

With Kim’s Gun

  • Inspect the body until you’re done with it. Kim must be with you.
  • Talk to Kim and ask him to shoot it down. He’ll miss no matter what.
  • Offer to try the shot yourself. He’ll give you his gun.
  • Do not react to any of the insults thrown at you by Cuno and Cunoesse, just ignore them. They’ll distract you and make the check harder if you do react.
  • There’ll be a hand/eye coordination check. If you succeed, you shoot the body down successfully. If you fail, you cannot retry until you get your own gun.

You can walk away without taking the shot to find stat-boosting items and level up your hand/eye coordination skill. Considering you have only one chance to do this, it can definitely be worth making sure you have the best possible odds (or just save-scum if you’re feeling stubborn).

With Your Own Gun

If you want to use your own gun to get the body down, you’ll need to find it first. This can’t be done until day three at the earliest, and you’ll still have to see Evrart Claire anyway. However, we’ve laid out how to get your gun here. Once you have it, head to the body with it equipped and select the option to shoot it down. Be warned though - you only have two bullets in the whole campaign, and this’ll burn up one of them.

How to Get to Union Leader Evrart Claire

Evrart Claire the Union Leader is in the harbour, and talking to him will prompt some dialogue in which he will offer to have the body taken down in return for a favour. This option basically serves as the safety net - if all else fails, you can get Evrart Claire to sort it out. However, getting to him isn’t easy when there’s a racist named Measurehead guarding the entrance to the harbour. There’s several ways to get past Measurehead, depending on your approach.

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Dialogue with Measurehead

We don’t recommend this one, but when you talk to Measurehead about his beliefs, you can get a conceptualisation check to “subscribe to his advanced race theory” (ick). This adds a thought to your Thought Cabinet called Advanced Race Theory, which takes under two hours to internalise. Once you’ve done that, talking to him again will open new dialogue options that allow him to let you through, though Kim will be understandably unhappy. You can spend a skill point to forget this thought via the Cabinet afterwards.

Beat up Measurehead

Now we’re talking. You can beat up Measurehead with a difficult Physical Instrument check, but you only get one chance and you’ll be hurt if you fail. To fight him, pick “Knock him out” during dialogue. However, there’s somethings you should do first to boost your chances as much as possible.

  • Wear the White Tank Top found in a lorry down from the statue
  • Pass a check to discredit his race theories in dialogue.
  • Talk to the scab leader beneath the harbour entrance about Measurehead.

These will all help lower the difficulty of the fight. Once you hit him, he’ll be left briefly vulnerable. Follow that up with the amazing option “Back up and perform a 360’ flying spin-kick” to knock him cold. You can then go past him with no further issues.

Take a Different Route Past Measurehead

The third option is to sneak past Measurehead without ever actually confronting him, as there’s a secret second route to Claire that he doesn’t know about.

  • Head to the yard where the body is.
  • At the right will be a bunch of wood planks. Pass a perception check to find the door behind them.
  • Go inside to find Cuno’s hideout. Take the ladder upstairs to the roof.
  • Click on the coat hanging on the walkway across from you to prompt a check to jump from one to the other.
  • Pass the Savoir-Faire check to jump. If you make it across, you’ll be essentially further up the path from where Measurehead is, and won’t have to talk to him (grab the coat itself before you go).
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How to Find Evrart Claire

Once you’re in the harbour, the twists and turns shouldn’t scare you - it’s actually only one path, and it leads directly to Claire, who’s working out of a storage container. Exhaust dialogue with him and he’ll send his men to get the body down, as well as tell Measurehead to back off and give you free passage through.

You’re likely still pretty early in the game at this point, so be prepared! Find out how to fast travel across Disco Elysium and Martinaise here, or check out how many days you have to solve the mystery here.

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