Disco Elysium: How to Get Your Gun

One of your first priorities in Disco Elysium is to find your gun and arm yourself for whatever dangers are ahead. However, it’s been lost during your drunken bender and you’ll need to get it back as soon as possible. We’ll show you how to get your gun and where you can find it.

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How to Get Your Gun in Disco Elysium

To get your gun in Disco Elysium, you’ll have to go through a whole questline, as it’s not just lying around somewhere. It also won’t be accessible until Day 3 at the very earliest (and probably later, depending on your rate of completion).

It’s explained that the pawn shop owner was the last person to see your gun, having sold it, but the only person who actually knows where to find it is Union Leader Evrart Claire. The main investigation will lead you to him, but he’ll want you to do a couple of favours before he gives you its location. From meeting Claire, do the following.

  • Ask Claire for information on your gun.
  • He’ll ask you to do two favours - unlocking a door just to the right of the hanging corpse, and getting signatures from the inhabitants of the fishing village.
  • Once you’ve done these favours to some degree, return to Claire. He’ll set up a meeting with the person who has your gun.
  • Head to the boardwalk at Land’s End for 22:00 at night. It’s to the West of the Church.
  • This time there’ll be a new character, hunched over. Approach them to trigger a dialogue cutscene with several choices.
  • This scene can resolve in several ways, depending on your skills and choices. However, near the end there’ll be an option to pick up your gun or throw it into the ocean. If you throw it away, you’ll never get it back!
  • You now have a working handgun. Whether this ends up being good or bad for Martinaise is pretty debatable.
Disco Elysium gun location
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Your gun is used rarely, but it might be what saves your life.

How to Get Ammo for Your Gun

Once you get your gun, it won’t have any bullets in it. Bullets throughout Martinaise are rare, but there’s two for you to find, and they turn your gun into an actual weapon.

The first bullet is in the rentable shack in the Fishing Village. Once inside, if your perception is high enough, there’ll be a section of floor in the top right you can interact with. The bullet is under that.

The second bullet is in the apartments North of the Whirling-in-Rags. Go into the apartment block, and look for the apartment with the chain securing it shut. The chain can be broken with the cutters from Kim’s car. Inside, check the container in the bottom-right to get the other bullet.

It’s not a lot of ammo, but it’s the best you can do, and it might be enough to save your life. Use them wisely! And of course, there’s plenty more to find out in Martinaise. Check out the solution to the Egg Head Puzzle here, or find out how to fast travel across the map here!

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