Disco Elysium: How to Fast Travel

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Disco Elysium offers a big area to move around in, and sometimes it can be frustrating to have to run from region to region with no faster way of doing so. Fortunately we’ve sorted out how to fast travel from area to area, paying nothing and (almost) no limitations.

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How to Fast Travel in Disco Elysium

To fast travel in Disco Elysium, you can only do it from certain areas (though the game isn’t great at explaining it). You can also only do it once you’ve bought the map, which we’ll explain how to get below.

Once you’ve got the map, use it as a reference point to find one of the three main areas. You’ll start off with only access to one, but you can find more across the full game. Those areas are as follows:

  • Martinaise Waterfront
  • Fisherman Shacks
  • Church

Once you have the map, check it and look for where the actual text for those markers is, then move to the nearest one and stand where you would be directly beneath it. This is near Kim’s car for the Waterfront, just in front of the Fisherman’s Shacks, or outside the church, depending on which one.

Once there, go back to the map. The option to click on the other two locations and fast travel to them should now be open to you! Of course, that assumes you have the map.

disco elysium bookshop and fast travel map location
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Head to the bookshop to the East of the Whirling-in-Rags to find the map.

How to Get the Map

The map is an essential part of fast travel, as well as orienting yourself in Martinaise’ streets and alleys. You can get one pretty early on, though it’s not immediately apparent where. Don’t worry, we’ve laid it out below.

  • Leave the Whirling-in-Rags Hostel.
  • Head left to the bookshop (it won’t be open at nighttime).
  • Go inside and upstairs.
  • Head to the stand with maps pinned to the wall behind it.
  • Interact with this stand and the shopkeeper will offer to sell the map to you.
  • From here, you can either pay 0.90 to buy it, or attempt an interfacing check to steal it.
  • If you pick the latter, make sure to equip whatever clothes will best compliment that skill!

Now you have the map, you’ll have a full sense of Martinaise’s scope, and it’ll grow more detailed as you explore around the city. Go get ‘em detective.

Of course, there’s plenty to discover in Disco Elysium, and we’re not just talking bookshops! Check out everything you need to know about the game’s maximum timeframe here, or go see how you can negotiate with the thinker Egg Head. No, seriously.

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