How Many Days Are There in Disco Elysium?

There’s a recurring day/night cycle in Disco Elysium, along with a special time mechanic that mimics the movement of real time, all to give the sense of the clock running down on your investigation. We’ll explain how many days there are in Disco Elysium, how the time mechanic works and how you can use this system to your best advantage.

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How Many Days Are There in Disco Elysium?

There are a total of ten playable days in Disco Elysium (Monday in the first week to Wednesday in the second week), though that doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to get the same amount done within each day. Without spoiling, certain events that happen later on that can restrict the actions you can take, or limit the amount of space or time you have.

Which days? Well, there’s no easy answer to that, as which ones they end up being are entirely dependent on your movement through the plot and your rate of progression. As you progress, actions you take will cause these moments, so the faster you’re going, the faster they’ll occur.

The truth is though, you don’t need to worry about it too much. Most people tend to finish the game around day seven or eight, assuming they take a reasonable pace, and that gives you a decent amount of time to explore the game’s sidequests and optional extras.

We’ll be doing more Disco Elysium guides soon to help you get everything you can out of one gaming’s modern masterpieces! Of course, if you want to know what other platforms the game is on (and which ones it’s coming to soon) we’ve got that outlined just here.

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