Diablo Immortal Class Change - How to Swap Classes

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April 25, 2022: While not necessarily class change-related, the latest Diablo Immortal livestream has revealed a lot of new features (and a release date).

The fiery demons of hell aren't going to slay themselves, and thanks never-before-seen feature that's just been announced, the Diablo Immortal class change system will ensure you can put internal damnations down the way you want. It's a rare sight for the AMMORPG genre, but one that's probably going to polarize the veterans.

The Diablo Immortal class change feature probably isn't quite what you expect. If you've been around the bloc before, you're probably thinking it has something to do with paying a large sum of cash to swap from a class you don't like to something new while keeping your hard-earned levels. But that's only partially true.

Getting giddy at the thought of Diablo Immortal? Though we don't have much else to say about the game just yet, guides like our Lost Ark classes page and Lost Ark tier list might convince you to give the biggest new ARPG of the year a try while you wait.


How Does the Diablo Immortal Class Change Work?

According to a dev blog post from the end of March, the newly announced Diablo Immortal class change feature isn't some paid-for boost. Instead, it appears to work more like the class change feature in a game like Final Fantasy XIV.

Simply put, it means you don't need to create an alt character to play another class. You just make one character and then freely hop between classes as and when you please. Nearly all types of progress will carry over, with the only real thing left to do being the grind for class-appropriate Legendary gear.

The Diablo Immortal class change system lets you play any class on the same character.
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Do I Have to Pay to Change Class in Diablo Immortal?


Though Blizzard hasn't said whether or not the Diablo Immortal class change feature is free or not, we suspect that is it. It doesn't typically cost anything in games like these to roll another character. For many, that's a big part of the fun.

With Blizzard saying in the dev post that they didn't want people to feel like decent progression is dependent on juggling a bunch of alts and running through early content time and time again. It's all speculative for now, and we'll update this when we know for certain, but the Diablo Immortal class change feature seems as simple as tapping a menu icon in-game right now and carrying on as you were.

And that's about it for now. The finer details of the Diablo Immortal class change feature will likely surface with the next test. Until then, though, you can pre-order on both iOS and Android. If the game hits 30 million pre-register, anyone who completes the tutorial within 30 days of release will get the Horadrim Cosmetic set. And we all know that glamour is the true end game.