Diablo 3 PTR: How to Play Diablo 3 Season 25 Early

The Diablo 3 PTR is grinding into gear again with Season 25 on the horizon. Blizzard announced the Diablo 3 Season 25 PTR details, including a trio of special buffs and how to get the most out of the PTR. Of course, the first step is actually getting into the PTR. Fortunately for you, it's quite easy.

How to Play Diablo 3 PTR

The Diablo 3 PTR is only available on PC via Battle.net from November 4, and it's not open for anyone who's had bans or suspensions on their account.

If you meet those criteria and have Diablo 3 installed already, open your Battle.net account, and navigate to the Diablo 3 tab.

  • Click the dropdown menu above "play"
  • Choose "Public Test Realm"
  • Install the PTR

Then just follow the prompts to create your PTR account.

How to Copy Characters in Diablo 3 PTR

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Here's how to transfer your character from the live game into the PTR.

  • Log into the live game and then log out
  • Create a level 1 character in the PTR
  • Return to the main character screen
  • Click "PTR Copy" in the screen's upper right corner
  • Choose your region, and click "copy"
  • You'll get disconnected, but once you log back in, your characters will be there.

For Season 25's PTR, Blizzard recommends focusing on just one or two specific aspects as they relate to your character. This PTR is shorter than some previous ones, so there won't be as much time to test everything.

Diablo 3 Season 25 PTR

This PTR includes three unique buffs:

  • Increased legendary drop rate
  • Increased experience gain
  • Double blood shard drops

It's also the testing ground for changes to the barbarian, witch doctor, demon hunter, necromancer, and wizard, and Blizzard is hoping to get specific feedback on the season's blood shard themes.

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