Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer: Level Up Your Season Pass Fast

Season of the Splicer arrives in Destiny 2 today, and it'll introduce an entirely new season pass for players to complete over the next three months or so.

With 100 levels to tick off, rewards range from armour sets to Bright Dust and exotics like the new Cryosthesia 77k.

Here's how to level your battle pass as quickly as possible with some handy hints.

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Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen: Level Up Your Season Pass Fast

Use an XP Mod

The key thing to remember is that XP is what will get you from level 1 to 100. 

Your Ghost can be fitted with a mod, one of which can earn you up to 12% bonus XP. Have a look through your mods and see what you can find – you may have just the mod to eke out some bonus XP.

Earn XP Bonuses

Ok, so this is a little "chicken and egg", but you can increase the rate at which your Season Pass levels up just by... um... levelling up your Season Pass.

Every so often, you'll unlock an XP boost that will speed up the trickle of XP you gain – so the higher you get in the pass, the easier it becomes to complete.

You'll also unlock Fireteam XP boosts that help the team you're playing with.

Play Weekly

After reset, players can earn double XP for the first five levels of the week thanks to a "well rested" bonus.

Complete Bounties

If you're looking to get as much XP as possible, be sure to grab as many bounties as you can carry for any given activity.

We won't be able to use weekly bounties in this season (more on that shortly), but you'll be able to grab daily ones from the Tower and Destination Vendors.

Each will net you a chunk of XP, and combined with the weekly "well rested" bonus will get your Season Pass moving rapidly.

You can even grab bounties using the game's companion app so you're all set for when you log in.

Complete Weekly Challenges

Weekly Challenges were added in Season of the Chosen, and they drop huge amounts of XP.

These will offer ten weeks of objectives to complete, rewarding both XP gains and more tangible rewards.

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