Destiny 2 Champions Guide: How To Kill Barrier, Overload and Unstoppable Champions

Season of the Chosen is here, but if you're new to the game (or in need of a refresher), you'll likely be wondering how on Earth to kill Champions.

These tougher enemies have special shielding that comes in three types: Overload, Barrier, and Unstoppable. Not only do they appear in the new Battlegrounds activity, but you'll find them in other high-level PvE content as well, such as the Nightfall.

Each requires a slightly different strategy, but the key thing to note is that they're all tied to the Seasonal Artefact.

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How To Defeat Barrier Champions

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Barrier Champions essentially work the same as regular enemies, except they can heal themselves at a certain point while putting up an unbreakable shield.

Unbreakable, that is unless you have the requisite mod to tear through it.

You'll need to look into your Seasonal Artefact for an "Anti-Barrier" mod. These will suit specific weapon types.

Then you need to be sure to equip the mod. Doing so will let you shred the Champion's shield, making short work of it.

How To Defeat Overload Champions

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These more aggressive enemies do their best to stick to your Guardian like glue, and their shields need to be disrupted.

This can be done via Seasonal Artefact mods such as Overload Rounds or Overload Grenades, which will let you disrupt the Champion to essentially stun them for a few seconds.

Again, be sure to actually equip the mods.

You'll also need to be sure that you aim down the sights for a few seconds before firing – this is how the mod is triggered.

How To Defeat Unstoppable Champions

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Finally, Unstoppable Champions are tanky bad guys that need to be staggered using Unstoppable Seasonal Artefact mods.

These can be applied to specific weapon archetypes, but need to be equipped via armour.

Again, you'll need to be sure that you aim down the sights for a few seconds before firing – this is how the mod is triggered.

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