Xbox Series X Black Friday 2020: Latest News, Pre-order Times, Best Deals Right Now, Bundles, and more

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With Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S now open for pre-order, will you be waiting till Black Friday 2020 to get your console?

If you want to get the most out of next-gen, such as up to 8K gaming, enhanced 3D audio, and more, make sure to bookmark this page as we'll be updating it with all the latest deals for everything Xbox Series X and S.


We've also got our top picks for Series X / S compatible accessories available right now!




Latest News - Pre-orders now OPEN

If you want to grab your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S you've come to the right place! Check the links below, and best of luck!

PRE-ORDER: Xbox Series X from Argos


PRE-ORDER: Xbox Series S from Argos

PRE-ORDER: Xbox Series X from Amazon

PRE-ORDER: Xbox Series S from Amazon

You can now get the controllers too! Check out the links below!

PRE-ORDER: Xbox Series X Controller - Robot White from Amazon

PRE-ORDER: Xbox Series X Controller - Carbon Black from Amazon

Xbox Series X Black Friday 2020

NEXT-GEN / NEXT-GEN LITE: Which version will you go for?

Xbox Series X and S Deals at Black Friday 2020

Both consoles released on 10 November, just a couple of days before the PS5. Getting a discount on the consoles so close to the release date may be out of the question.

Xbox Series X

WHAT'S IN THE BOX! The Xbox Series X is super powerful!

However, it's not uncommon to see bundle deals with consoles, so by the time Black Friday hits, there could be some interesting ones.

Usually, bundle deals are a great way to save, as you get one or two games thrown in. The savings aren't huge, but if you're after a deal we'd recommend keeping an eye out for them!


Gaming Headsets for Xbox Series X at Black Friday 2020

If you want to upgrade your set-up easily and save at the same time, then going for a new headset is the way to go.

Thankfully, Xbox Series X is compatible with 3.5 mm jack headsets, and wireless of course. 

Xbox Headsets

HEAR, HEAR! Many premium quality headsets become surprisingly affordable in the Black Friday sales!

There are so many advantages to headsets, ranging from creating a more immersive experience all the way to getting a competitive edge in titles like Warzone and Fortnite.

Top Pick Right Now


We're a big fan of this Mpow wireless headset, which comes in at an affordable price, but is super durable, comfortable, and has an awesome mic as well! 

Xbox Series X Black Friday 2020

SOLID: A great price for a wireless gaming headset!

Don't Miss Out! Mpow Wireless Gaming Headset for under £64.00!

TVs for Xbox Series X at Black Friday 2020

As mentioned, the Xbox Series X does support up to 8K gaming, meaning that you'll be able to experience titles in a whole new level of definition. 

Xbox series x halo

INFINITELY BETTER LOOKING: Games will look incredible on the right TV

The good news is that TVs, especially large ones, usually have some cracking discounts at Black Friday.

A 4K TV is likely going to be more than enough to enjoy next-gen, but to fully unlock the experience - 8K is the way to go.

Head over here for some of the best 4K and 8K TVs for gaming!

Controllers for Xbox Series X at Black Friday 2020

Xbox is all about backwards compatibility, and you'll be happy to know that Xbox One S controllers will work on the console.

Xbox Controller

TIME FOR AN UPGRADE? Black Friday could be the perfect chance to!

The Xbox Series X controller hasn't had as much of a redesign as PS5's DualSense, so if you're looking for something with a new feel, Black Friday 2020 could be a great place to start your search.

You can go for a controller which offers a ton of customisation, or simply go for one of the awesome Xbox Elite Controllers!

Top Pick Right Now

If you want to get a whole new experience for Xbox Series X or S, then this Razer controller is the one for you. It'll allow you to heavily customise your gaming experience, so it's perfect for competitive gaming.


GET THE EDGE: Level up with this amazing controller


Don't Miss Out: Razer Wolverine Ultimate for £130 (down from £159.99!)

Looking for something else? 

We're always updating our guides with the latest news, predictions, and deals so you can get ahead of the game this year.

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