Xbox One Christmas Gift Ideas 2020: Xbox One S, Headsets, Controllers, Hard drives, and more

Christmas 2020 may seem a while away, but if you're thinking about gift ideas for anything and everything Xbox One you're in good hands!

There are two huge sales events this year, Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday. Amazing deals can be had at both events, so much so that shoppers are flocking to the sales to sort their Christmas gifts too. 

Here we give you the latest deals on everything Xbox One, and also give you a few ideas you may not have considered when buying for an Xbox One owner.



Latest Xbox One Deal!

As promised, here's the latest deal we think you'd be interested in!

Xbox One X Factory Refurbished

Xbox One X has been discontinued, meaning that getting a hold of one has become a little trickier nowadays. However, there is a way to get one and at far less than the standard price of $499 / £499.

 Enter 'factory refurbishment'! This is that tag given to the best of the best when it comes to pre-owned. Yes there may be slight cosmetic damage (a small scratch for example), and it may come in a different box, but thanks to Amazon's rigorous testing of the machine itself, you can rest easy knowing it works exactly as it should do.

Xbox One X
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GET IT WHILE YOU CAN! Act fast, as this console is becoming a rare find!

So much so, that Amazon themselves give 1-year warranty, just like you would get with a brand new console too! 

You can get the Xbox One X, and play games in 4K and 60 fps all for £299.99! 

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Xbox One 

So let's start with the console itself. With next-gen on the way, in the form of the Xbox Series X, this year is a great time to purchase an Xbox One.

Last year we saw incredible deals on Xbox One at both Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday, and this year we expect to see more of the same.

One thing to note is that Xbox One X, the more powerful iteration of the console, and Xbox One S All-Digital Editon are being discontinued.

That means that only the Xbox One S will be in production in the future. We recommend getting an Xbox One X as soon as possible!

Xbox One Headsets

Nowadays, having a competitive edge is vital to even the casual gamer, and headsets allow you to do this without having to shell out on expensive speakers. 

With new technology in the form of Unreal Engine 5 incoming, and of course next-gen audio enhancements, getting the best headset has never been more worth it.

Many headsets out there are compatible with Xbox One, but with so much selection it can be tricky to pick one that delivers on both quality and price.

Latest Headset Deals

SteelSeries headsets are quite simply one of the best-reviewed headsets on Amazon. They have thousands of great ratings, and provide solutions for any budget. They also look amazing, going for a more minimal, modern look compared to some of the more 'out-there' headsets on the market.

Currently, there's a great deal for the month of July worth checking out. You can save up to £30 ON ARCTIS 5 and ARCTIS PRO ELITE headsets. Follow the link to get in on the action!

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SteelSeries Headsets Xbox One Christmas Gift Ideas 2020
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HEAR, HEAR! The quality of SteelSeries headsets is something we can all agree on!


With the advancements in graphics and gameplay over the years, we've seen a huge increase in file sizes! Notably, Call of Duty Warzone, Red Dead Redemption II and now Microsoft's Flight Simulator all have hefty storage requirements.

Some Xbox One consoles will have different storage capacities, but if your version is lacking, you can free up space by purchasing an external hard-drive.

These affordable solutions, make life so much easier when it comes to managing your gaming libraries, and they make the perfect gift for any Xbox One owner!

Xbox One S
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YOU'LL BE HARD-DRIVEN TO FIND A MORE USEFUL GIFT: External Storage solutions are a must-have for gamers

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Xbox One Controllers

A perfect gift idea for an Xbox One owner this Christmas 2020 is to upgrade their controller. 

There are a few different versions Xbox One controller out there, but generally speaking, they are priced in relation to how customisable they are.

Some allow for you to completely change all the buttons, sticks and triggers, whilst others simply look cool.

Xbox One Controller
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ULTIMATE CONTROL: Some of the higher end controllers allow you to fully customise them as you wish

Check out the below guide for a selection of great deals on Xbox One controllers.

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