PS4 Christmas Gift Ideas 2020: Bundles, Controllers, Hard Drives, Headsets, Accessories and more

Christmas 2020 may be a way off, but it's never too early to start getting some awesome PS4 gift ideas.

Due to the festive period typically being quite the frantic rush for last-minute gifts, many shoppers are now heading towards earlier sales, like Black Friday or Amazon Prime Day, for their gifting needs!

There are some amazing deals to be had in the run-up to Christmas, but if that's too far off, we've got some offers on now which are perfect for PS4 owners.

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Best Deal Right Now

If the festive period is too long to wait, we've got you covered right here with the latest hand-picked console or accessory deal!

Mpow PS4 Gaming Headset

This Mpow PS4 Headset is a great way of upgrading your PS4 set-up, but without throwing down a ton of cash!

Coming in at only £28.99 / $29.99 on Amazon, this gaming headset delivers on audio quality via stereo surround-sound, and also on durability!

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QUALITY AUDIO, FOR LESS! Immerse yourself in the action, for a fraction of the price!

You'll also find that the ear-pads have a comfortable breathable mesh, making it perfect for those 'one more game' scenarios! 

And, if you're planning on upgrading to PS5 in the future, you're in luck! The 3.5 mm audio jack is compatible with next-gen, so that's one less thing to worry about come Holiday 2020!

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PS4 Controllers

If you really want to add a unique touch to your gaming set up, investing in a quality controller is well worth it.

There are loads of controllers on the market, catering to every budget and taste, however, where they get really interesting is with the customisation. 

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Many PS4 controllers will actually let you change the buttons, trigger-tension, and more to suit your playstyle.

PS4 Christmas Gift Ideas 2020 Controllers
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THESE CONTROLLERS PUSH ALL THE RIGHT BUTTONS: A perfect gift for the serious gamer!

Whether you're a competition level player, or just looking for something uniquely your own - PS4 controllers make a great addition to your arsenal. 

External PS4 Hard Drives

There are so many games out there that you'll require a huge amount of space on your system to install or download. 

It's well known that titles like Warzone, Red Dead Redemption II and perhaps even the upcoming Assassin's Creed Valhalla, all have some weighty demands when it comes to storage.

Hard Drive
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SAFE & SOUND: These hard drives offer quality protection for your favourite games!

That's where the trusty external hard drive comes in, and you can get one for a reasonable price in the run-up to Christmas, especially if you head to either Amazon Prime Day or the Black Friday sales.

Don't Miss Out: Get the WD 2TB HDD for less, right here! 

PS4 Headsets

Audio is an important factor in both creating that ultimate sense of immersion and getting a competitive edge. 

There are loads of options to choose from, and once again you can either go all-out with a competition-worthy headset or simply get something does the job well and looks pretty cool too. 

PS4 Headsets Christmas Gift Ideas 2020
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LISTEN CLOSELY...: SteelSeries audio quality is up there with the best!

In the pre-Christmas sales, you should be able to find even premium quality headsets fall into a more affordable range, making them a perfect Christmas gift for 2020! 

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PS4 Slim

The PS4 Slim has taken the place of the standard PS4 and is a timeless classic when it comes to consoles.

It can play games in 1080p and at solid frame-rates too. Not to mention that it gives you access to a whole host of PS4 exclusives, which can also be played via backwards compatibility on PS5!

PS4 game
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GOD OF WAR: One of the many critically acclaimed games waiting for you on PS4!

Coming in at around £250 / $350, the PS4 Slim a great choice if you're planning on saving this year, and you can get amazing deals if you go for a bundle!

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