Shiba Metaverse Will Use Doggy DAO For Some Decisions, Says SHIB Developer

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Shiba Inu Coin logo in front of skyscrapers at night.
Credit: Unsplash/Andrea De Santis

The Shiba Inu metaverse will call upon the community to help make some decisions through the Doggy DAO, according to its developer.

SHIB dev Eric M, also known as Penny, made the comments in the Shiba Discord, where last week he also confirmed the Shiba Inu Lands would bring holders a passive income.

This would be yet another project on the Shiba roadmap to make use of the Doggy DAO. The Welly restaurant claims it will also rely upon the DAO for some decisions.

Shiba Metaverse Will Use The Doggy DAO

Speaking in the BONE channel of the Shiba Discord, the SHIB dev confirmed that community decision-making could be required for the Shiba Metaverse.

"Metaverse and related stuff will require some community decisions," he said. "So I can expect [the] DAO being needed sometimes."

This follows on from comments Eric M made a few days before on the same topic. When asked about planning restrictions on Shiba Inu Lands, he said:

Some restrictions will be set by the Defence and Multisig teams once they are fully running.

Also [the] DAO has a paper here. The Metaverse will mostly be run by the community.

The Shiba dev also confirmed he was working on a Medium post regarding the metaverse and buying Shiba lands.

We're still unsure as to which aspect of the Shiba metaverse the Doggy DAO will have control over. Other metaverses and NFT games such as The Sandbox and Axie Infinity are exploring the potential to hand over some control to their own DAOs. The Axie Infinity DAO, for example, will eventually have some control over the direction of its own Community Treasury.

Currently, the Doggy DAO remains in its beta phase, voting only on pairs for ShibaSwap. Future versions of the DAO will increase its scope.

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