Nike-affiliated RTFK NFTs stolen in phishing attack


RTFK’s COO, Nikhil Gopalani, announced on Twitter that their web3 wallet had been compromised and their Nike-affiliated RTFK NFTs had been stolen.

The COO fell victim to a phishing attack that allowed the hacker to gain access to their personal web3 wallet.

Currently, the stolen NFTs are worth over $170,000.

Nike-affiliated NFTs stolen in phishing attack against RTFK COO

In 2021 RTFK sold over $3 million worth of NFT shoes during the height of the NFT bull market. The company was acquired by Nike that same year and is known for its Clone X NFT avatars.

Nikhil Gopalani had their wallet drained of their Clone X NFTs and more after their wallet was compromised.

According to Opensea activity data, the phisher used two wallets to siphon Nikhil Gopalani’s NFTs. Crypto Kicks, Space Pods and Loot Pods NFTs were also stolen from the COO.

More in-depth information concerning the hack will be postponed until a later date due to an ongoing investigation.


For legal purposes, we won't be able to go in deeper details until further notice. All I can say is: be aware that companies such as Microsoft, Apple, ... will never ask you for your password, your private key nor any other forms of private information via phone nor emails.

The crypto world is prone to hacks and scams on a daily basis. Last month, Gemini crypto exchange suffered a data breach wherein millions of users' account information were leaked online. Gemini advised their users to be wary of phishing scams and to implement stricter security settings on their phones.

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