Gemini crypto exchange suffers from data leak affecting 5.7 million users



Gemini exchange suffered a data breach in which 5.7 million consumers' account information was leaked online.

The leaked account information includes user email addresses and phone numbers.

Gemini exchange has told users to watch out for online scams and to enable stronger security options on their accounts.

Gemini exchange suffers from data leak affecting 5.7 million users

In a December 14 statement, Gemini exchange stated on December 14 that phishing campaigns were targeting a substantial number of Gemini clients.

Gemini exchange said the phishing campaigns were happening due to a recent incident at a third-party vendor.

Although Gemini admitted that user account information was at risk, all customer funds are confirmed to be secure.

From Gemini exchange:

Some Gemini customers have recently been the target of phishing campaigns that we believe are the result of an incident at a third-party vendor. This incident led to the collection of Gemini customer email addresses and partial phone numbers.
No Gemini account information or systems were impacted as a result of this third-party incident, and all funds and customer accounts remain secure.

As sourced by Wu Blockchain, it seems that Gemini exchange user account information has ended up on a web forum for data breaches and leaks.

Users who have signed up to the website's online forum can download a copy of the Gemini exchange database with emails and partial phone numbers via the Gemini exchange leaks thread. The Gemini exchange database file was uploaded to the web forum on December 13.

Last month Gemini was on the brink of bankruptcy and the Gemini Earn program was paused indefinitely.

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