Binance post private chat between crypto trader and Binance support after heated argument



After allegedly closing an investor's account, Binance disclosed private conversations between the investor and Binance support on Twitter.

Binance screenshotting and then posting the conversation online caused an uproar on Crypto Twitter. Crypto traders sided with the investor who was allegedly kicked off the exchange.

After Binance support attempted to investigate the user's case, Binance claimed the user was rude to them throughout their conversation.

Binance posts private customer service chat in Twitter thread

A crypto investor tweeted about bad customer service from Binance support. Binance responded to the tweet shortly after it was posted by tweeting a screenshot of a private conversation between the investor and Binance.

Crypto Twitter sided with the affected user and called out Binance’s unusual reaction. According to CoinMamba, Binance closed their trading account due to tweets they had made about Binance.

Binance responded by saying that numerous team members were looking into the user's case, which involved them being the victim of a crime. Binance took action against the user after he refused to cooperate with Binance's assistance methods and verbally abused them, according to Binance.

Responses to the thread uniformly agreed with the affected user, and many questioned Binance's morality in screenshotting a private conversation between a client and Binance support at a time when the trustworthiness of crypto exchanges has come under intense scrutiny by those who use them.

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