Free crypto trading: Where can I trade crypto with no transaction fees?

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From free crypto mining software to free crypto rewards, users are always searching for unique ways to conduct free crypto trading and mining. But is it truly possible?

The Crypto exchange business has recently become competitive to gain more followers and users. Hence, exchanges have begun to offer zero trading fees as a unique mechanism to attract more users.

While several top exchanges have modified their trading fee structure to extract fewer fees from their users, customers always look forward to announcements that may offer them some respite from paying the hefty trading fees.

Where can I trade crypto with no transaction fees?

Here's a selection of crypto exchanges that offer no transaction fee clauses on selected services and offerings:


Binance is a central crypto exchange that is continuously experimenting and expanding its base to attract more users. The exchange had recently introduced Crypto Wodl and the Binance learn and earn quiz games to solidify its position in the crypto domain.

Apart from that, the exchange has recently announced zero spot trading fees on ETH/BUSD trading pairs through which users can trade the following trading pair with zero maker and taker fees. It also supports zero-fee Bitcoin trading for various spot pairs.


Launched in collaboration with 8 Morgan Stanley executives, the Phemex crypto exchange went live in 2019.

The exchange skyrocketed in terms of popularity when it introduced a zero-fee spot trading service on its platform. The exchange allows users to trade popular cryptocurrencies including BTC and ETH at zero spot trading fee.

In 2021, introduced zero conversion/trading fees on stablecoins in its bid to attract more users to the platform. has extended its support to leading stablecoins such as USDC, BUSD, GUSD, and TUSD by enabling users to swap between each other without having to pay additional conversion/trading fees.

There are several additional exchanges including Amplify that also offer some partial free crypto trading. However, as with everything in crypto, it's worth doing your own research on the exchanges beyond simply their trading fees.

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