Twitter may be working on a web3 crypto wallet



Despite being embroiled in a bidding war with Doge proponent Elon Musk, Twitter remains committed to growing its client base.

The company previously launched a subscription-based NFT profile picture service called Twitter Blue, allowing users to upload their NFTs as official profile pictures to their social media accounts.

Now the company is levelling up its crypto game and is reportedly working on a new web3 crypto wallet that can help simplify crypto transfers.

Twitter could be developing a web3 crypto wallet

Jane Manchun Wong, a blogger known for sharing tech insights, has shared another story which is yet to be substantiated by official sources.

According to Wong, Twitter is working on a new web3 crypto wallet that may soon help its users access cryptocurrency services.

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Wong tweeted how the company is working towards developing a 'wallet prototype' that supports crypto deposits and withdrawals.

Wong is known to share significant tech leaks before their official announcement.

She has a track record of sharing some of the monumental technological changes in the cryptocurrency world before they were officially announced by their respective teams.

In an interview with the MIT Technology Review, Wong stated that she finds most of her tech insights while rummaging through publicly available code.

Twitter has made attempts in the past to embrace the crypto NFT sector. The company had previously launched a subscription-based service called Twitter Blue which allowed NFT holders to upload NFTs as their official profile pictures on Twitter.

The feature was instantly a hit among multiple crypto proponents, which may have played an instrumental role in enticing Twitter to expand into web3.

Furthermore, the platform has also launched a new feature called Tips, enabling users to link a third-party payment service and post their Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets to their accounts, enabling followers and supporters to 'tip' in those cryptocurrencies.

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