1.5 Billion SHIB Burned In February 2022 As Shiba Ecosystem Looks To Add Burn Mechanics

SHIB logo on a skewer being burned over a campfire
Credit: Image: Leon Contreras/Unsplash

SHIB logo on a skewer being burned over a campfire
Credit: Image: Leon Contreras/Unsplash

The Shiba Inu community burned nearly 1.5 billion SHIB in February 2022 through a total of 251 separate burns.

Spurred on by the Bricks Buster and Bigger Entertainment burns, the ShibArmy sent 1,480,346,835.24 SHIB to three dead wallets. This is 168 million more SHIB than was burned in January 2022. At its current price, $38,118 SHIB was destroyed in February.

Here’s what happened in the SHIB burning community during February 2022.

SHIB Burning in February 2022

Just as with January 2022, Travis Johnson’s Bricks Buster game remains the top SHIB burner of the month. Bricks Buster destroyed 415,417,430 SHIB through ad revenue on February 15 - some 28% of the total SHIB burned in February, and almost double the previous month’s burn.

Once again, Bigger Entertainment followed behind with the second-largest burn. It destroyed 240 million SHIB on Valentine’s Day through its SHIB Lovers Burn Party event.

Following in third place is a burn of 111,111,111 SHIB by a new token called ShibaBurn. This unofficial token, with no affiliation to the Shiba ecosystem or developers, states on its website: “ShibaBurn has a clear goal and vision to decimate the supply of ERC-20 Shiba Inu.”

Through 46 name changes, the Shiboshi NFTs also burned a collective 86,613,044 SHIB, destroying 1.88 million SHIB per renaming. This is slightly down from last month’s 103 million SHIB through 58 changes.

Moving towards the lower end of SHIB burning, a wallet called venoras.eth burned 0.000025 SHIB on February 28, paying $4.33 in gas fees for the privilege.

Line graph showing the total SHIB burned each day during February 2022.
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As expected given the Bricks Buster and Bigger Entertainment burns, February 15 and 14 were the largest days for burning. Some 736,463.480 SHIB was destroyed in two days- almost half of the SHIB burned in the month.

February 18 was the worst day for SHIB burning, as no burns took place at all. February 20 was the second-smallest day for SHIB burning, with just 4,154,225 SHIB destroyed.

While community burns remained prominent during February, the ShibArmy also turned its focus towards how the ecosystem could burn SHIB. With the February Shiba AMA revealing plans for a burn portal and other official burn mechanics, the future of SHIB burning still looks strong.

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