Bricks Burner Game Burns 415 Million SHIB In Another Huge Shiba Burn

Mobile phone with SHIB logo on screen
Credit: Unsplash/KOBU Agency

Mobile phone with SHIB logo on screen
Credit: Unsplash/KOBU Agency

Over $12,000 in Shiba Inu Coin was destroyed on February 15 after the Bricks Buster game creator burned 415 million SHIB, adding to the growing February total of SHIB burned.

Raised through advertising revenue across Bricks Buster and Zombie Assassins, Travis Johnson sent 415,417,433 SHIB to the dead wallet.

This follows on from another large SHIB burn from Bigger Entertainment that took place just a day earlier. Steven Cooper's crypto entertainment company destroyed 240 million SHIB through its Valentine’s Day burn party.

Another SHIB Burn

After the latest burn, the total SHIB burned through Bricks Buster totals 774,367,192 SHIB - or $24,563 - in just three months.

Expanding the data outwards, Johnson estimates that the Bricks Burner ecosystem of games could burn over $40,000 in SHIB each month by October 2022.

The latest burn details came about from Johnson’s new SHIB website - the SHIB SuperStore. According to the site:

The store will be filled with SHIBA themed products, and with the support of the community we would burn as much $SHIBA as possible.

The apparel and miscellaneous item section of the site remains unavailable at the time of writing. Johnson said it plans to sell clothing, utensils, food, and drinks, all in the name of SHIB burning.

Johnson also released a new game dedicated to SHIB burning, called Candy Trips.

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