Shiba Con Event In Las Vegas Scheduled For Summer 2022

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SHIBACon event logo with the words 'Las Vegas' and SHIB logo
Credit: SHIBACon

SHIB holders may finally get the chance to meet face-to-face later this year, with a Shiba Con event scheduled to take place in the summer.

Set to happen in Las Vegas, SHIBACon has been planned by several Shiba holders hoping to fulfil a proposal first made by Ryoshi in 2021.

Planet Crypto spoke to the SHIBACon team to find out about the event.

SHIBACon Set For Summer 2022

Planned to happen in an unannounced prominent casino on the Las Vegas strip, SHIBACon is an upcoming event in early development that hopes to bring the Shiba Inu community together this year.

SHIBACon said it hopes to bring together all aspects of the Shiba Inu ecosystem together, including the likes of the Shiba Inu game and even the Welly fast-food chain.

It plans to include SHIB burn mechanisms, charitable aspects, and digital goods such as NFTs, although plans are not confirmed. More information is expected to come within the coming months.

“You could call it a part-meetup, part-conference, and part-festival. The intention is not to be a boring event”, it said, noting Vegas’ role as an international hub of entertainment. “Vegas is Vegas. I don’t think the show stops in Vegas, but I think it’s a great way to start the party.”

When devising ideas about Shiba Con, Ryoshi said he would want the event to be in an “easily accessible location for global plebs that do not have oppressive visa restrictions”. When asked about this, SHIBACon reiterated this is just the beginning. “While we can’t speak for Ryoshi, we believe every continent and corner of the world should celebrate the SHIB Community as soon as it can,” it said.

The team said it doesn't want this to be like other cryptocurrency conferences, focusing instead on the community-driven aspects, instead. “A lot of the other projects that do meetups are very top-down and corporate, the ideation is not from the community but the executives,” they said. ”We want suggestions and we want feedback.

“If we’re going to do this, we’re going to do it right. It needs to be genuine, authentic, and needs community input,” it said. This lines up with Ryoshi’s comments on SHIBACon. He said: This obviously [will take] much organization and growth for it to happen. But I trust the community will take this challenge upon themselves to make it happen.”

However, to gain further legitimacy, SHIBACon hopes to gain support from the core Shiba Inu developers, with discussions currently ongoing. “We only want to do it if the devs have blessed it, and the right folks come. Because if you’re force-feeding it, then it would be detrimental to the project and community.”

In a July Medium post, Shiba project lead Shytoshi Kusama touched on the prospect of a ShibaCon, stating he believes it should coincide with DevCon, an Ethereum-based conference, scheduled for Q4 2022 in Bogota. “Once it is organized send me an invite, I’ll be there incognito.”

The specifics of the SHIBACon schedule are not yet confirmed, but the team member said “I suspect that at this event, not only will there be big news drops, but I think a lot of new things are going to come out to where the crypto community at large is going to have to pay more attention.”

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