Mobile Game Helps Shiba Inu Burn By Destroying SHIB With Ad Revenue

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Shiba Inu burning is among the most discussed issues within the ShibAmy. While projects such as a SHIB Burn Party contribute towards the dead wallet, there seems to be a consensus that more burning needs to be done.

On November 7, Shiba Project Lead Shytoshi Kusama responded to a comment that said SHIB needs a game to help burn coins. “That’s a great idea!” they tweeted.

While the Shiboshi NFT’s proposed ‘Oshiverse’ NFT game could implement this, burning SHIB through games is already happening. Planet Crypto spoke to the developer of Bricks Buster, a mobile game that burns SHIB through ad revenue.

Mobile Game Burns SHIB

Travis Johnson, the developer of Bricks Buster, did not originally make his game to burn SHIB. However, as a “strong hodler of SHIB”, he decided to offer the game to the ShibArmy to burn coins.

According to Johnson, the game now burns $10 per day from Google advertising revenue. Since he first announced the idea to burn SHIB via his game, traffic for Bricks Buster increased by over 800%.

"If the ShibArmy really got involved, we could literally be burning thousands of dollars a day, at no cost to the ShibArmy," he said.

The developer noted the importance of burning Shiba Inu and reducing the circulating supply, stating it "will help create long-term wealth in the SHIB community".

Johnson also praised other SHIB burning projects, which include the SHIB Burner playlist. "Every burn implementation, especially those that don't involve the army incinerating their own money, is very important and should be fully supported," he said.

"Burning 500 trillion SHIB is going to take a long time no matter how we go about it," he continued. "It’s just a matter of consistency, and implementing as many new burn strategies as we can."

According to ShibBurn, some 237 million SHIB was destroyed in the last seven days. This makes up just 0.000039% of the circulating supply, and represents $12,100.

Bricks Buster is available from the Google Play Store and App Store.

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