240 Million SHIB Burned In Bigger Entertainment Valentine’s Day Burn

Shiba Inu Coin logo in Red Heart in front of pink love hearts after SHIB Burn party
Credit: Sharon McCutcheon/Unsplash

Shiba Inu Coin logo in Red Heart in front of pink love hearts after SHIB Burn party
Credit: Sharon McCutcheon/Unsplash

Crypto entertainment company Bigger Entertainment destroyed over 240 million SHIB during its Valentine’s Day Shiba burn event as it continues to push forward in SHIB community burning.

Hosted by CEO Steven Cooper and Jack Cottingham, the event saw Bigger Entertainment increase its total Shiba Inu Coin burned to over 1.3 billion SHIB. Previous burns include a Christmas Party burn, and general burns from its Shiba Burner Spotify playlists.

Here’s a look at how it went down during the SHIB Lovers Burn Party.

Valentine’s Day SHIB Burn

According to the Etherscan transaction, Bigger Entertainment burned 240,192,701 SHIB worth $7,496.41 during its latest burn party. This came through its playlists, merchandise, and burn pot tickets. Ad revenue and super chat income from the event will also be burned.

Bigger Entertainment also announced a new wider plan for its future burning endeavours. The goal is: “To create an entertainment ecosystem where customers are burning with or without being a SHIB holder.”

This will occur through burning via its merchandise sales, games, apps, NFTs, music playlists, and several other projects.

However, Cooper announced the company would be changing up its burning methods for the future. “This is going to be the last burn party of this type of format,” he said, citing criticism and accusations against the company as one of the reasons for the change. “You can only be called a scammer so many times before you have to start protecting your own business.”

In the future, events and burns will be funded directly through event tickets, with all the profits going towards burning SHIB.

Cooper also said they want to “get better at teaching you guys how to burn directly” to allow holders to send coins to the wallet themselves.

When asked about the amount of SHIB destroyed compared to the supply, Cooper said: “It’s not just about the burn. Holders are growing, hold time is growing, and burning is growing. That as a package deal is what the ShibArmy should focus on.”

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