Shiba Inu abandons Ryoshi Vision and centralises SHIB burn

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu

In a recent turn of events, the Shiba Inu team is moving forward with a new SHIB burn mechanism, one that centralises the Shiba Inu burn in its entirety.

From a new updated blog post on ShibaSwap, the Shiba Inu team appears to be parting ways with Ryoshi's vision and has decided to take over the burn portal.

The blog further states how the Shiba Inu team will now be responsible for running the official burn portal as part of Shiba Inu's DEX (decentralised exchange) ShibaSwap.

The Shiba Inu team will now host the SHIB burn portal

The Shiba Inu team took to Twitter to make the announcement concerning the burn portal.

The Shiba Inu team will be centralising the SHIB burn, adding that they will be separating themselves from Ryoshi's vision and will not require the assistance of the Ryoshi Vision team to 'deploy a reward system.'

The post further mentions how Ryoshi's disappearance and lack of communication from his team have been one of the primary reasons why Shiba Inu now moving forward with the idea of centralising the burn portal.

The team later outlined how it will now be taking over 'the full reins of the platform'. The post noted how the Shib team has always regarded Ryoshi Vision as an independent entity that was never a part of the Shiba Inu ecosystem.

From ShibaSwap:

As a reminder, Ryoshi Vision has never been part of the Shiba Inu Ecosystem but is an independent crypto project honouring Ryoshi Research, our founder, and the SHIB community. The post reiterates

The post also outlines that the Ryoshi Vision team is reportedly working on a new decentralised music-streaming project and a new NFT marketplace, which is slated to be released in 2023.

We are not affiliated with these efforts, but wish them well and look forward to their future progression as a project.

Is Dejitaru Tsuka the new experimental arena for Ryoshi?

With the Shiba Inu team has officialy ending their relationship with Ryoshi, several rumours have set the market ablaze with speculation about whether Ryoshi is interested in exploring other projects, including working on expanding Dejitaru Tsuka.

Dejitaru Tsuka was launched as a decentralised token community, centred around the themes of meditation, reflection, and research. The token gained significant price momentum in September 2022, when it rose 105% in value.

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