Confusion Spreads In SHIB Community About Ryoshi, So What Exactly Happened?

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Shiba Inu Ryoshi
Credit: Unsplash

The Shiba Inu community is divided and confused in the fallout of Ryoshi’s deletion of all posts from his account.

The Shiba Inu founder removed everything from his Twitter and Medium accounts - even going so far as deleting his Medium blog altogether, which is where some of the problems come from.

With panic and confusion spreading across the ShibArmy, Planet Crypto is here to debunk some claims we’ve seen about Ryoshi.

Debunking Ryoshi Rumours

It’s certainly been an eventful 24 hours for the SHIB community, who seem to have gone through a mix of emotions in a short space of time.

Here’s a look at a few of the key claims we’ve seen about Ryoshi so far.

Ryoshi Is Rug-Pulling SHIB

For SHIB holders, one of the most concerning claims is that Ryoshi is pulling an exit scam and leaving SHIB ahead of a rug-pull.

The cryptocurrency world is notorious for rug pulls, but there is no evidence this will happen to SHIB. Ryoshi is no longer involved in Shiba Inu, having left over a year ago. Instead, the likes of Shytoshi Kusama, Eric M, Kaal Dhairya, and the various SHIB Breed teams have taken the lead.

Further, nobody knows if Ryoshi holds a large portion of SHIB. In fact, he might not hold any at all. In a now-deleted Medium, he revealed he did not own any SHIB. “I got many messages like ‘Ryo, you must be a billionaire now, haha’ but the reality is still to this day I own 0 SHIB,” he said.

Whether or not he does own SHIB, it is likely not enough to crash the token by selling.

We’ve also seen posts speculating on a collapse like the Luna crypto crash that ended with Luna dropping 99% and having to relaunch as Luna 2.0.

While possibly just used as an over-exaggerated term for a massive crash, Luna’s collapse was tied directly into its link to the UST algo-stablecoin. Even if SHIB goes ahead with its algo-stablecoin SHI, this won't tie into SHIB, but another token in the ecosystem.

Ryoshi Is Launching A New Project

A favourite among those outside of SHIB, many projects or holders of other tokens suggest Ryoshi has left SHIB to launch or support their token. We’re not going to name any of these projects here, however.

While possibly just tweeted out of sheer hope, one cannot deny the massive marketing opportunities by linking yourself to the founder of SHIB.

However, there is no evidence yet that Ryoshi is creating or helping any projects - including SHIB, too. The Shiba Inu team previously debunked the link to tokens from the deployer wallet, too.

Ryoshi Was Hacked

Cryptocurrency account hacking is nothing new. It happens to major players in the industry. Even Satoshi Nakamoto’s BitcoinTalk account has been compromised. So it's no wonder that some SHIB holders wondered if this was a malicious attack on Ryoshi’s accounts.

So far, there is nothing to suggest this is the case. There have been no posts promoting other projects or making use of the hundreds of thousands of followers Ryoshi has.

Further, the Shiba External Growth Breed Lead, known as Shibarium dismissed this possibility on Twitter. When asked if Ryoshi was hacked, they said: “No, don’t you like new journeys?”

Ryoshi Medium Returns, Sort Of

The final driver of confusion around SHIB comes from Ryoshi’s Medium blog, AllHailTheShiba. Yesterday morning, this was deleted by Ryoshi, resulting in a 410 error whenever you tried to read the post.

However, when you go to the blog now, it displays two posts seemingly from Ryoshi. So what’s going on?


Well, it appears that one user managed to create an account using the username AllHailTheShiba to gain the exact URL used by Ryoshi. After posting a criticism of the Shiba Inu ecosystem and Shytoshi Kusama (before swiftly deleting it), some holders questioned whether Ryoshi now disapproves of the direction SHIB is going. Even Shytoshi himself responded to this complaint.

Regardless of what Ryoshi actually thinks, this does not seem to be the case via the Medium. Instead, one Discord user found that the UserID is now different to what it was when Ryoshi posted on the blog, further suggesting it is a separate individual.

As for who this individual in control of the URL is, we’re not sure. The NFT image posted in the deleted Medium post appears to come from a community for the BOHR Metaverse, but that’s all we know so far.

So, what’s next for SHIB and Ryoshi. Well, probably not a lot. The team and developers already have their hands full with many SHIB-based projects, such as Shibarium and the upcoming Shiba Inu Game. With or without Ryoshi, they will want to keep it moving.

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