Could Shiba Inu's founder be behind new token Dejitaru Tsuka

The cryptocurrency world is full of surprises and mysteries. One such mystery is the identity of Shiba Inu's founder Ryoshi.

The Shiba Inu token belongs to the Shiba Inu cryptocurrency ecosystem inspired by the Shiba Inu meme and Dogecoin.

Now the founder of Shiba Inu is apparently focused on Dejitaru Tsuka, a crypto token that has surged in value since its launch in July 2022.

What is Dejitaru Tsuka?

Dejitaru Tsuka is described as a decentralised community that is centred around meditation, reflection, and research.

The Dejitaru Tsuka's TSUKA token has appreciated substantially since its launch, based on rumours that it was created by Shiba Inu founder Ryoshi. The token has surged 105% in the last month and is currently trading at $0.096751, up 4% in the last 24 hours.

The cryptocurrency envisions itself as a token that encourages the 'study of philosophical, meditative, and spiritual ideas.'

The token's medium blog metaphorically talks about its different use cases and offers a holistic community atmosphere.

If you decide to join this new army, this sangha, you must have faith. The evidence is there, I will not be forced to step away from my vision or blueprint to what took this alt/meme market to another level once before. Please know I hold the blueprint but each of you has a pencil and later a pen to finalize this.

Ryoshi and Dejitaru Tsuka

Despite Shiba Inu's strong community and reputation in the crypto market, the identity of Ryoshi remains a mystery.

On May 30 2022, Ryoshi mysteriously disappeared after deleting all his social media handles. Ryoshi's abrupt departure sparked outrage in the crypto world, prompting Shiba Inu's team member Shytoshi Kusama, to give clarifications.

While explaining the Shiba Inu roadmap, Kusama said that instead of searching for Ryoshi, the community should focus on realising his vision of making Shiba Inu a great project.

Speculations of Ryoshi's involvement with Dejitaru Tsuka were fueled when a primary member of the Shiba Inu community noticed a few uncanny similarities between the communication style of Dejitaru Tsuka's medium posts and Ryoshi's style of communication.

The name 'Ryoshi' is also mentioned in Tsuka's first medium post:

We will have peace, mindfulness and a deep connection to the universe in our decentralized world fit to achieve our enlightenment. All left to you. Tsangnyon is right. We’ve been listening… Like the Sangha, we need nothing, we seek nothing, we desire nothing. We are nobody. We are Ryoshi. -ALL HAIL TSUKA

With the recent success of Dejitaru Tsuka, speculation is again running ablaze as to whether Ryoshi has indeed returned, albeit outside of Shiba Inu's world.

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