Best Metaverse games: Top Metaverse games to play in 2023

metaverse game

metaverse game

Online game developers are venturing into the Metaverse.

While the metaverse simply means a virtual world where people can interact with each other in digital avatars and conduct activities in the virtual realm, the concept has acquired funding from prominent investors.

Increased user interest has prompted many companies to venture into Metaverse gaming. Here are some of the best Metaverse games that are currently available to play.

Best Metaverse games

The Sandbox

One of the most popular Metaverse games to have ever been created is The Sandbox. It offers a compelling experience to the users by allowing players to monetise assets created in the virtual world.

The game was created on the Ethereum blockchain and has garnered praise for its social gameplay.

Players can scale and expand their virtual Metaverse ecosystem by buying NFTs and acquiring more of its native token $SAND.

Axie Infinity

Another prominent Metaverse game that has become a sensational hit worldwide is Axie Infinity. It lets users trade AXS and Smooth Love Potions through breeding and trading mythical characters called Axies. Players can also purchase land within the Axie Infinity universe.

Each Axie in the game possesses unique skills and statistics, through which a user can fight virtual battles, earn more AXS and trade their characters via the Axie Infinity marketplace to earn additional revenue.

Created by a Vietnamese studio Sky Mavis in 2016, the game has since acquired a dedicated user base.


Sorare is a football NFT Metaverse game that enables users to create fantasy football teams.

Players can buy cards that represent real players, enabling users to create their own teams and win points to add credibility to a user's portfolio.

In 2022 the game acquired a $680 million investment to further scale and expand its gaming configurations.


Decentraland is a popular Metaverse game that allows players to build a virtual in-game ecosystem by purchasing land and virtual real estate.

Players can buy and sell Decentraland real estate, build new assets, and host events for other players in the world to take part in.

Decentraland's soaring popularity has enabled many popular businesses to venture into Metaverse gaming, including Nike and Sotheby's.

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