As Axie Infinity Enters Its Offseason, When Does Season 19 Start?

With Axie Infinity Season 18 drawing to a close, when is the new Season 19 update scheduled to release?

Axie Infinity has exploded in popularity during the past couple of seasons. It reached nearly 1 million players in August, and is now the top NFT project in terms of volume.

So, when will the new Axie Infinity season begin?

Axie Infinity Season 19 Start Date

Sky Mavis has yet to give an official release date for the start of Axie Infinity Season 19. However, that doesn’t mean we cannot estimate a period for its release.

Season 18 ended on September 19, marking the beginning of Axie Infinity’s ‘offseason’. The last offseason period (between Season 17 and 18) started on June 13 and ended on August 9 with the launch of Season 18 (via Axie Zone).

Before that, the Season 16-17 offseason took place between April 18 and May 17. The 15-16 Off-Season lasted from March 7 until March 22.

From this trend, it's likely that Axie Infinity will undergo a month-long offseason ahead of its Season 19 start.

As new Axie Infinity seasons usually start on Mondays, we’d expect the Season 19 launch to happen around October 25, although this is just an estimate. There is a possibility it could happen earlier (on October 18, for example), or be pushed back into November.

The only information we have on Season 19 comes from the Axie Infinity Twitter, which stated “we are currently preparing for the next season” while clarifying the MMR system.

Axie Infinity Season 19 Updates And Latest News

Sky Mavis has not given us any indication as to what major updates we can expect with the launch of Season 19. However, you might want to check out the Axie Infinity Roadmap to see what’s in store for the P2E title in the coming months.

Just because it’s the offseason doesn’t mean Axie Infinity isn’t due any updates during this period, either. On September 23, Sky Mavis announced that it would adjust the Axie breeding fee. The update will see the AXS cost for breeding reduced to 1 AXS, while the SLP needed will increase.

We’ll keep this page as new information comes out about Season 19.

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[Image via Sky Mavis]

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