Axie Infinity Scholarship: What Is An Axie Infinity Scholarship, And How Do You Apply?

Axie Infinity scholarship is deemed as one of the cheapest ways for new Axie players to start earning, but how do you get one?

The game allows players addressed as "scholars" to earn SLP or Small Love Potions. SLP and AXS are native tokens of Axie Infinity that allow users to earn real-time income by playing the game.

However, these native tokens, just like other cryptos, require a monetary investment. Many players can't access or are not in a position to purchase Axie instantly due to their highly volatile pricing. Here's where the Axie Infinity scholarships come in.

What is the Axie Infinity Scholarship?

The Axie Infinity scholarship lets players, or scholars, who wish to play the game but do not possess adequate financial resources. These scholars are often brought in by managers - players with the required SLPs or AXS tokens but not enough time to play the game.

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This is where an Axie Infinity Scholarship comes into action. Managers provide the unused SLP or AXS to the scholars to initiate the game on the manager's behalf. This allows scholars to earn passive earnings that are later split between the manager and the player/scholar.

A scholar gets three Axie from the manager to commence the game. The revenue earned by the scholar usually follows a 60/40 (subject to change) ratio.

How to Apply for an Axie Infinity Scholarship?

To earn an Axie Infinity Scholarship, a user must keep these essentials in mind:

  • A user must look for managers or Axie community members who are actively looking for scholars. Social media platforms such as Discord, Twitter, and Reddit are good starting points, as is the CoinGecko Axie Scholarship page.
  • Contact the managers and ask to become a scholar. Having an exceptional gaming experience can boost your chances of becoming a scholar.
  • Once selected, get your free Axie from Managers and begin the game.

Of course, like anything in cryptocurrency, make sure you trust the manager/scholar in this partnership by doing all the necessary research into the deal, to ensure you aren't scammed.

How To Transfer Axie Into Scholar Account

If you're a manager seeking scholars, here's how to set up the scholar:

  • Create an account on Axie Infinity for the scholar.
  • Select the type of Axie you would like to send to the scholar.
  • Fill in the Ronin wallet address of the scholar.
  • Send the Axie into the scholar's account.
  • Save the account QR code and give a copy of the same to the scholar.

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