This Australian Crypto Cafe Sells Shiba Inu Toast

Shiba Inu Toast
Credit: Unsplash/Mishaal Zahed

A cryptocurrency-themed cafe in Australia features several crypto-inspired items on its menu, including Shiba Inu Toast.

The Crypto Coffee cafe located in Brisbane serves its customers a $6 Shiba Toast as part of its breakfast menu.

After one Shiba community member visited the cafe, here’s a closer look.

Shiba Inu Toast Served At Cafe

According to Crypto Coffee’s menu, the Shiba Toast comes with two slices of sourdough toast, along with butter and a selection of condiments.

It is joined by several other crypto-branded items, ranging from a BNB Brekkie Burger to a Doge BLT. In a video posted on Twitter, Crypto Coffee also has a live feed of cryptocurrency prices above its counter.

Shiba Inu community member ShibaAustralia posted a video in which they visited the cafe and ordered Shiba Toast. Aside from the naming, it doesn’t seem that the breakfast item features any other Shiba Inu branding.

It also seems the cafe allows customers to pay with cryptocurrency, although we don’t know whether it accepts SHIB.

While several restaurants across the world do accept SHIB, whether through BitPay or another service, very few have incorporated cryptocurrency into any branding or specific items on the menu.

Crypto Coffee joins the likes of the Shiba Inu Coffee Company and the Shiba Superstore in selling SHIB-branded items. Of course, these other two businesses also opt to burn SHIB through their sales.

The Shiba Inu restaurant Welly, which launched its line of Welly NFTs earlier this month, did completely rebrand itself ahead of its incorporation into the Shiba Inu ecosystem.

Alongside the Crypto Coffee cafe, Australia is also home to Playside Studios. PlaySide is the developer of the upcoming Shiba Inu Game, expected to launch this year.

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