Shiba Inu Restaurant Set To Launch SHIB-Inspired Welly NFTs This Week

Shiba Inu Welly NFT Minting
Credit: Unsplash

Shiba Inu Welly NFT Minting
Credit: Unsplash

The Shiba Inu restaurant Welly will release its new Welly NFT collection this week, giving SHIB holders another SHIB-inspired NFT outside of the Shiboshi collection. But when is this Welly NFT minting?

While not affiliated fully with SHIB, the Welly team has secured various partnerships with Shiba Inu in the past, even granting SHIB part-ownership over the company.

Featuring 3D models of Shiba Inus in various outfits, this collection of 10,000 NFT will hope to replicate the Shiboshi NFT mint, which sold out in just 35 minutes.

Shiba Inu Welly NFT Minting

The Welly NFT mint seems to be following a similar minting as the Shiba Inu land sale for the Shiba Inu metaverse, in that it is divided into three distinct phases.

These are as follows:

Phase 1: June 9, 8 PM UTC

  • Availability: For Shiboshi and LEASH holders only for the first 12 hours. For BONE and SHIB holders after the 12 hour period.
  • Price: 0.12 ETH
  • Max Per Transaction: 10 NFTs

Phase 2: June 10, 8 PM UTC

  • Availability: Whitelisted Users (Dubbed Red Sauce and Green Sauce members)
  • Price: 0.12 ETH
  • Max Per Transaction: 4

Phase 3: June 11

  • Availability: Public Mint
  • Price: 0.15 ETH

At the current price of ETH, this puts the NFT prices at between $216-$271, plus gas.

The Welly site states the mint will happen via their own website. However, no link has yet been shared for the mint location.

What Is The Shiba Welly NFT Collection?

The 10,000 NFTs will feature several of the 140 characteristics created, each of different rarities. Based on the already released images of these 3D characters, these look to include various items of clothing, hats, accessories, facial expressions, and pieces of food or drink.

The timing of this upcoming NFT mint comes just a few days after the Welly Discord server was compromised. After a team member’s account was breached, the account spammed phishing links via a fake minting site, resulting in the loss of various Shiboshi NFTs, Shiba Inu land, and other NFTs. Many of these have, however, been recovered.

Explaining the utility of this NFT, the Welly team laid out several benefits. These include discounts, priority requests for a Welly franchise, and a percentage of the net profits earned by the restaurants. NFT holders who see their NFT used in marketing will also get paid.

According to the Welly website, this SHIB-based NFT is unique as it is “the first NFT project that has a real-life business directly correlated to the collection.”

Outside of the NFTs, Welly has confirmed that not only will Shiba Inu get part-ownership via the Doggy DAO, but it will also contribute towards the SHIB Burns.

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